Freshman in college

Dannieka Wiggins is a passionate writer and Brand Strategist with a background in communications, hailing from New Haven, CT. Dannieka graduated from Spelman College with a degree in English and currently resides in Atlanta, Ga.
Complimentary to her passion for brand management and public relations, she has traveled to several different countries, including but not limited to, Brazil, Dominica, and Grenada . Her travels ignited her aspiration to promote and support non-profit organizations that help make a difference in her community.
She served as the Editor of the World and Local News section of the Morehouse College Maroon Tiger, and has also made various scholastic contributions to Inside Spelman, The Loop 21, and The Atlanta Daily World.

Loans, 2 hour lectures, term papers, and pages upon pages of reading on top of the challenge of having a social life, are just a few of the pressures and responsibilities of a college student. Yet, what most students sometimes forget, amongst all that responsibility, is that at some point college ends, and a whole new life of responsibilities begins. However, according to Civil Rights Activist, Malcolm X “the future belongs to those who prepare for it today.” So despite the chaos that surrounds them, every student should have an unstoppable game plan for success during and after college. Declaring goals, determining decrees, and distinguishing resources are key elements of success, which are attained when a person utilizes the correct tools to reach specific goals.
A productive student is a proactive one, who capitalizes on all the tools they’re given in order to achieve whatever success means to them. If you ask them anything regarding numbers; they have a calculator. If you ask them anything regarding words; they have a thesaurus and dictionary on standby. If they need to know where a building is on campus; they have a map. Sometimes the difference between the student who doesn’t achieve their goals and the student who does is in the tools that each uses to get what they want. There are a plethora of resources available for students while they’re in school based on their interest, grades, and socio-economic background. Below is a list of general tools students can use to begin to nail down their pictures of success. Please note, there is nothing wrong with fine tuning the below tips to be more specific.
Licensed Psychologist and Professional Life Coach, Dr. Rachel Mitchum Elahee says, “Once you have identified the goals and strategies that are custom-designed for you, you have all the resources you need to measure your personal success.” So don’t be afraid to customize these tips because just as everyone has different goals, everyone will need different tools to accomplish those goals.
• A Smartphone; equipped with calendars, task reminders, alarms, Google Maps, calculators, applications to take notes etc.
• Campus tutors
• College Career Centers (mock interviews, resume critiques, international job listings, career fairs etc.)
• Career/Personal Mentors

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