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Rosaura de la Cruz is a 20 year old Journalism Major and the first in her family to attend college. She is staff writer for Sacramento City College’s Newspaper and Magazine Production. Alongside her passion for writing, she is also has a minor in Graphic Communications and interns for ESPN radio. She hopes to one day be a writer/ editor for a magazine production and to enjoy every second of it.

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Change is always scary. There’s a moment of panic and excitement that comes along with it, but making that change can transform your life in ways you never knew. I made a change in my life that scared yet excited me, I went to college.
After high school I was unaware of how my future would end up. I had no money for school and not a lot of ambition yet I joined my local community college in search of an educational goal and career path. I started my first semester with interior design/ architecture and realized it wasn’t exactly what I had in mind so I moved to speech pathology. Once that didn’t work out for me I chose allied health.
I felt lost with all the choices and failed attempts at trying to find out where my life was going, I wanted to quit. It would be so easy to drop out and take a year off.
My parents hardly finished high school and had no college experience, it took them years after migrating to California to learn English. They didn’t understand what was so important about college and had no extra money to send me anywhere nor gas money to allow me to drive out 50 minutes to Sacramento to get a better college experience.
With no money, no goals, and no ambition my life soon felt incomplete at the age of only 18. A huge part of me wanted to give up, but an even bigger part of me wanted to keep going. I saw my parents constantly working small jobs and how unhappy they were in there career choices. They were constantly tired and overworked, it was then I decided to give school one more chance. Except this way I would do it by my own rules.
I landed a job that would help me pay for college and started my search for my future. I sat down and made a list of my talents, hobbies and interests to help give me a sense of direction. I wanted to approve my social skills, I wanted to write, and teach people things they never knew. I wanted to be happy and I wanted to write.
One month before my 20th birthday I started my Associates degree in Journalism. I chose Journalism because I thought that it was everything I wanted, it gives me the opportunity to speak and an even bigger opportunity to be heard. One year into my degree and I realized it’s exactly what I needed, after my first 6 months I learned more than I ever thought I could. I saw myself grow and I felt my knowledge expand.
My decision to further my education has changed my life completely. I have a new found confidence that I never knew I had, I have goals, achievements and so much support and motivation. I have found what makes me happy and can’t wait to further my education even more by starting my Bachelors in Journalism. I encourage everyone to take that chance and go to College.

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