Advice for College Guys

By: Alexander Ramroop

Hey everyone. My name is Alexander Ramroop and I’m a first quarter going to second quarter student at the Art Institute of New York City. I am pursuing Associates in Fashion Design. I enjoy playing video games and playing sports with my friends. Also, some of my girl friends considered me as a prince charming.

A long time ago, women were attracted to chivalrous men like the princes in fairytales. In today’s society, chivalrous men aren’t so common anymore. However, women still have an attraction to those types of guys. But, most of the guys in today’s society range from complete jocks to common thugs. But, today, I’m reaching out to everyone guy who has been turned down by a girl because of their attitude and to guys who have a hard trying to get girls to notice you. I want to help them by giving advice on how to talk to girls, how to treat them and how to show your romantic and artistic sides without getting caught in the “ Friend’s Zone”. Most girls often enjoy the guys who are not just physically attractive; they also are attracted to guys who are also intellectuals as well.

First of all, girls are also attractive to guys who keep themselves well groomed and take care of themselves. Also, girls are attracted to guys who treat them like royalty. But, I say that you shouldn’t shower them too much because, they will eventually take advantage of you and will only stay with you for the money. Also, as far as physical attraction is concerned, girls are not as attracted to muscle bound guys as they used to be. Now, they are more attracted to guys of average build or slightly muscle bound but not a lot. Also, girls are attracted to guys who are in touch with their artistic and feminine side because, they are feel like us guys understand them and sympathize with them. Also, girls are attracted to guys write poetry and songs about the girls they like. Also, girls are interested in guys who are interested in what they are talking about because then, they feel that we care about them and want to help them with their problems.

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