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I am a junior at ISU pursing a business administration degree. My dream in life is to help the youth population attain their dreams. I really want to be rich, in friends. My birthdate is December 16th 1989. My hobbies include volunteering, playing chess, and doing homework assignments. I work at a box making factory temporarily, this job is helping me build my communication skills.

Thru college I learned some ways to be successful. Having a goal in mind, forming a supporting team, and maintaining an open mind will assist in achieving anything. has an article titled Making the Grade: Tips on Being a Successful Student which offers suggestions I find helpful.
The article suggests considering these tips: Focus. Prioritize. Sleep. Participate. When it comes to each of these terms in the article I will apply them according to my needs. Finding this article would have helped with the earlier part of my college career. I have been in college for a number of years, that’s where I believe my experience has provided me with my knowledge. I have attended IUPUI, IVY Tech, and ISU. I am pursuing my first bachelor’s degree. I have had some struggles, but I feel I have had great success along the way.
My mother always told me that free school and dumb niggas don’t mix. I never understood what she meant until recently when I was told by my vocational rehabilitation supervisor that I would receive no more money unless I had a goal in mind, and action steps for a career. The statement meant I had to pay somehow. I was told to focus. I have attended school for five years during Spring, Summer, and Fall semesters. This was made possible by several scholarships that paid for all college related expenses, and gave multiple stipends. Loans were not taken out. I was going to school to keep myself occupied. I want more than just a task to fill my time; I could be filling my time with sleep. I try so hard to focus on my goal to become a productive member of society. I have started this goal by becoming an employee at a factory where we assemble boxes for 12 hours a day. My efforts need to be shifted from assembling boxes back to school work. It is difficult to maintain a high level of focus when the distractions of life present themselves. This box building is more of a distraction than I first imagined it would be, so I will make box building work less of a priority. My family really misses me and would like for me to finish then come home. They want me to finish, so I stop waking up trying to complete tasks. I remember waking up cussing, because I knew I was not making progress towards my goal in life. My first job as an adult is making boxes, I do not yet know how this job is going to further my involvement within the ISU community but I am getting new connections with people who live in the Terre Haute area, some are even ISU students.
My goal is to work with children in some kind of development type of way. I plan to participate in the community by volunteer with the Boys and Girls Club to get started. I also like the idea of being young forever, or always being open to learning. Keep a goal in mind because distractions are around every corner. I want to spend more time focusing my goal. I know for a fact I want to work with happy people.
Form a team, or join a team just get with like-minded individuals who are goal orientated. Often I get distracted by other people, but if I had a team to keep me focused I wouldn’t have so much difficulty staying on task. Support systems can also come from within the community, your family, or even your job. Members of the community often ask what am I learning when I pass them on the streets. If I knew a better way I would do it. The need for a supporting team is greater than imaginable. Persons observing your input and output have the ability to provide criticism and advice or make suggestions. This has its own benefits and withdrawals, there will always be someone to magnify your negative qualities, but someone to praise the good you do is rare.
At IUPUI I learned a lot, as I spent countless hours at the library studying. I feel if I had used more of my time applying myself to finding a job I would be better employed, but I have no regrets. An open mind and happy mind will bring more possibilities. Think of Yes Man, when Jim Carrey started to say “Yes” his opportunities increased. I was extremely ready to leave IVY Tech; it just didn’t feel like school. I was going too fast when I went there never really able to focus. I did not stay; my priorities were not aligned with what they needed complete my degree. The class I took as finite mathematics, I don’t remember a thing beyond how to get out of the class, and my final grade was a “D.” This wasn’t because of a lack of effort it was because of a lack of focus. Somewhere along the line I forgot the end goal. I planned to attend IVY Tech to take the class I did so poorly in at IUPUI, semesters prior, but still I barely pasted. I just started at ISU, and I want so badly to finish my bachelor’s degree. I plan to do this by getting involved in the school community; I missed the football game last night which seems to be a focal point of the city. I have yet to come up with a way to increase my involvement in the ISU community. My current schedule with work and all leaves little time for sleep. Sleep finds away in, but limiting my participation.
With my final statement I would like for my reader to gain this knowledge. Attendance is needed to become a part of any faction of society. Growth can be obtained by keeping an open mind. Exploration never hurts anyone.

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