Advice for Earring-Shy Women

I feel like one of the easiest things a woman can do to dress a look up is add earrings. There are so many ways to do it, and they make such a statement because they’re right beside your face, changing people’s perception of its shape, and either bringing out your eyes, lips, and complexion, or flying solo making a statement all their own.

It’s easy to add them. No sense of style? Go with faux pearl or diamond. They’re classy, they’re cheap, and no one can tell they’re not real.

Want to be a little bolder? Put some color in there. Go with something shiny. Use either the same color as your eyes, or a complementary color. Same with your lips. If you’re pale, avoid white. Also black. The extremes are bold statements for more special occasions. If your skin is darker, you’ll have an easier time using these shades–look in the mirror and judge wisely. Oh, and be sure not to wear plastic–that’s just tacky.

My personal favorite are small, sparkly, dangly earrings. I think they light my face up and give it a little oomph. Plus, they swing when I turn around fast. I turn around fast a lot. I think people notice, and I think it amuses them. This pleases me.

As for HUGE dangly earrings–I get it. I have a small frame, so I feel like they don’t suit me, but certain people can rock that junk out. I feel like if you have a big personality and you want to let the world know it, you should go for a pair of hoops that hit your shoulders. And when people look at you weird, stare back like, “Don’t hate me cause I can pull these off.”

So invest in a few pairs you really like, and build outward from there. You should have them to match your mood: simple for blah days, playful for time out with friends, professional for work, and drop-dead-gorgeous-the-night-is-MINE for those occasions when you want to let your inner goddess shine.

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