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Hello everyone. I am currently a junior attending DigiPen Institute of Technology. My degree program is Bachelors of Science in Computer Science in Real-Time interactive Simulation (BSCS RTIS). The main focus for my degree is programming for video games. I have developed a strong passion for creating games and apps that people enjoy. I hope that my future experiences will continue to teach me new dreams and interests that I can exercise.

Other than working on games, I have other interests as well. Here is a list of some of those:
- Sports (basketball, football, tennis, etc.)
- Playing video games with family and friends
- Cooking
- Singing and acting
- Writing poetry

A professor of mine once told me something that I will never forget. He said, “In computer science, if you don’t think the new things you learn aren’t the coolest thing since sliced bread, you’re in the wrong profession.” To me, this is the most important message I’ve learned so far in college, since it is so true for me. This let me know that I was on the path to success, and that computer science is where my passion is. This desire to be successful is what drives me to spend long hours studying for tests, or sleep only four hours a day to finish projects on time. Even though it is hard work, I enjoy every moment of it.
So how did I find my ideal career choice in computer science? You could say that is was natural. As a child, I loved playing video games with my family. Being able to interact in a new environment, with the compelling characters and storyline was just so appealing to me. This feeling carried with me all the way into high school. I always thought I would make a good teacher or doctor, but nothing ever stuck. That was until I learned about Sno Isle Skill Center, which is a place for high school students to learn technical skills that prepare them for college. They taught a game design class there. At first, the idea seemed crazy, but then I thought about it. Someone had to create the games I have played my whole life. Couldn’t I make them as well? With this in mind, I signed up for the class and was later accepted into the program.
The first day of class, I went in not knowing what to expect. I was nervous, but eager to learn more about the program. After that first day, I knew that computer science was the profession I was meant to pursue. My dream became to create technology that millions could use and enjoy. Finding the right path was easy for me, but for some it’s not.
So for those of you struggling to find your passion, I’ve made a general list of steps that might help you choose. First, find something that you enjoy doing for long hours at a time. Really ask yourself if it is something you could see doing the rest of your life. Second, don’t judge professions based off money. Sure, a job could pay millions, but is being miserable while at work worth it? In my opinion, it’s not. Thirdly, try to find a profession with many options. That way if you change your mind, you don’t have to completely restart school. Lastly, be an open book and explore all there is to offer. If you don’t, then you might miss out on your dream profession.
To wrap things up, computer science was the right profession for me, but yours may be something completely different. It may seem as though time is running out, but you have the rest of your life to decide. So get out there, explore, and find what makes you happy. Find your piece of sliced bread.

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