Helpful advice for college

By: Derek Cook

Hello my name is Derek Cook, a student of Morgan State University, majoring for Broadcast & Integrated Media degree concentration of radio with a minoring in Business Administration. Born and raised from Frederick, Maryland I enjoy listening to music, travelling and learning about the business of the multimedia industry.
I know that everyone might have heard this from your parents; “Your job is to be a student.” In a creative aspect, what are they saying is actually true. Like a regular job, you get up at crazy hours around like 6:00am or 7:30am just to get into your 8:00am class and already you’re tired; wishing for the day to be over five minutes later. Depending on your schedule, you would not have a break until noon to three in the afternoon.
When I started my college life at Delaware State University, I started to see a change of my atmosphere and mental view of school in general. Once I started to understand what my parents were saying back in high school; treat college life as if it was a job. In school, your grades reflect your work ethics and performance in the real world. Take this for example; you are a freshman and you have finished your first semester and received a 2.0 GPA, in your mind you are thinking “It’s nothing I can do better next semester.”, or “It’s my first semester, I got the next semester to even it out.” That is where you have made your first two mistakes because you should have done better the first time while you had no GPA recorded. True this is your first semester and you are trying to adjust on how things work in your school. Now you have to use most of your college to get a 3.0 or higher GPA so that jobs would overlook that 2.0 GPA you had in your first semester when applying for internships or jobs.
As a student, you should only look at grades as money. Everybody loves money especially when it’s an above average paying salary, but not that ridiculous salary that McDonald’s or any other jobs that you had worked at back in high school. Imagine each GPA as a type of salary that you have earned; A 3.0 GPA and higher is equivalent to $50,000 and higher paying salary like President Obama, Jay-Z, Oprah, Mark Zuckerberg, and other high paying celebrities and jobs you can possibly imagine. A 2.0 to 2.9 GPA is equivalent to $20,000 to $40,000 something like a store clerk, manager, mail carrier, cashier and an assistant manager would usually make. Everything lower you need to ask yourself why you loaned so much money when you know Sallie Mae is going to be all over you like the mob, asking you where her money at.
While you are in school, do something that will make people look at you so they will give you an internship. When you’re in school, this is LITERALLY your time to perfect yourself and to stand out like from the rest because you have at least four years to join organizations that is in your major or not. If you do extracurricular activities and put them on your resume, then I guaranteed you do not have to worrying about applying for internship, but WHICH internship has a better offers or perks when they recruit you. This advice is for you readers, be like THE big diamond in a room full of gold and cash.

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