Some advice for students

Hey! My name is Jennifer Haidar and I’m a transfer student who just transferred to UCLA from Santa Monica College. After three long years at community college taking as many classes as I could, I have transferred into my dream school with a Bruin Card to prove it. One of the main difficulties I faced in my first year was deciding what my major should be. The best advice I would offer is to wait until you have taken classes in all fields to decide what you want to do. For example, I have always loved learning languages and was on the verge of becoming a Linguistics major in order to further study the five languages I have dedicated myself to. This was until I took my first Economics class and realized that it came easy to me and I had a lot of fun learning about comparative economic systems around the world. Now, this put me in a strange place because languages and economics are not exactly related… Taking Political Science made me realize that I could have the best of three worlds (languages, economics, and politics) by declaring myself an International Relations major.
Not only would I recommend taking a variety of classes, but getting involved in clubs, lectures, and campus activities is a great way to meet people and find your passion. I had a great experience going to an event hosted by the Turkish club on campus where we learned the history of Baklava, a sweet Middle Eastern pastry, washed our hands with the traditional rosewater, and tried samples of Baklava and Turkish delight while students displayed the tradition of water art. While this may be too adventurous for some, don’t be surprised if random events like this surprise you and get you motivated to attend more events. Personally, my decision to become an International Relations major, now Global Studies at UCLA, was solidified after the immense fun I had at this event. When you find yourself dragging your friends to lectures and performances, that’s when you know that you have fallen into the major of your choosing.
Opening your horizons is what college is all about. You should go for the unexpected and seek to challenge yourself because this is the only time when you will have the luxury (and time) to do so. I once took an Anatomy class for Natural Science majors because it sounded interesting and different and the promise of dissecting a cadaver was too unique to pass up. It was an amazing opportunity and I learned so much about the human body that a person with my major usually misses out on. Wasting an education on “easy” classes and the comfort of your own department, is like only going to the capital of France. Paris might be exciting, but maybe you’ll want to try some wine in Bordeaux. Though it varies, I would say that your major determines what job you will have or what type of graduate work you’ll go on to. Make it count and go for something that you’ll really enjoy.

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