College freshman year tips

Hello all. My name is Ashley Fazzini, and I am currently a junior at the University of Texas at San Antonio. I am a Texas girl! Originally from Plano, Texas, which is in Dallas, but have lived in San Antonio for about eight years. I am a Communications major with a concentration in Public Relations, also I am minoring in Business Management. Currently, I am employed with Farmers Insurance as a Marketing Manager. I am very much a people person, and have no problem communicating with anyone around me at any time. Perseverance is the best quality I bring to my college education and life! I refuse to quit until the job is done right.

As a senior in High School, I was accepted into St. Mary’s University where I would be playing on the Women’s NCAA Division II Soccer team. My athletic ability and high school accomplishments allowed me to go to St. Mary’s University with only a 10% out of pocket cost. I loved everything STMU: the campus, the professors, and student life. I was literally living my dream!
However, my third semester at St. Mary’s I sustained a major injury during my second season with the soccer team. The injury consisted of a major muscle in my left knee being torn. My athletic college career was presumably over, since the minimum recovery time of the injury was ten months. So, I lost my athletic scholarship, therefor I could no longer afford to go to St. Mary’s. Since I was going through extensive rehabilitation, and could barely walk, I was out of college for almost a year. My parents had no money saved for my college years, and I had not been working, since being a college athlete had taken up all my time. I had to start over.
I got myself a job waitressing, and could then afford to pay for community college. At this time, I started going to San Antonio College to finish my basics. At first, I hated it! Not one teacher challenged me intellectually, most students did not take their education seriously, and I was fed up with the ignorant questions that plagued the classroom. Honestly, most nights consisted of my eyes full of tears, while wondering, “How did my life come to this?” Needless to say, it took me a good while to adjust. Finally, I faced my fate and realized that community college was my only option. If I wanted to be successful, if I wanted to have a career, if I wanted to make a difference, I needed to take my community college career seriously.
My new attitude and time management skills allowed me to obtain my Associates Degree in Liberal Arts, within three semesters. From there, I was then accepted into The University of Texas at San Antonio, and my life instantly turned around! My boyfriend’s amazing and accomplished mother, who is a mother to me as well, offered to loan me money to finish my college education.
Now as a Public Relations student at UTSA, I have unlimited opportunities academically and professionally. My professors are great, and I am extremely involved in many activities on campus. UTSA helped me land my first two internships, which have given me an abundance of experience in my future career field. During my second internship with Farmers Insurance, I was even promoted to my current job as a Marketing Manager. I am responsible for several people, and have multiple job duties to perform each week. In conclusion, my unexpected struggle brought me to the realization that I was meant to be a business women, and I now have a promising future ahead of me!

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