Advice for fashion majors

Graduating from Murrell Dobbins vocational high school in Philadelphia, Pa with a Certification in Fashion Design Nia Nicole knew Fashion was the path that she wanted to follow. Having graduated from Indiana University of Pa with a Major in Fashion Merchandising, and a focus in marketing Nia has experience in all aspects of the Fashion industry. Business owner to Dazzle Me Girlz retailing items such as denim shorts, to custom clothing orders Nia is a jack of all trades. Blogging is something Nia adores and have been doing for a very long time, so it was only right she stepped it up a notch. Styling shoots, to organizing fashion shows is some of her everyday work. She takes her role in the fashion world seriously, and will not stop till she reaches the top. Watch her work her magic, and trust me you will not be let down!

Why holding your own in the Fashion Industry is a MUST!

By Nia Roundtree
The fashion industry holds a wide range of jobs for millions of people who think they are ready to fulfill those jobs. I for one was and still am one of those people who are ready to fulfill one of those jobs that I’ve been dreaming about since a kid. But out of those millions of people who at first thought the fashion industry was glamorous and pretty, half of them find out it’s not and find a new industry they feel is much easier to tackle. Before I go into my journey into the fashion industry, maybe I should tell you a little about myself.
In middle school I knew I loved fashion, and was a really well dresser but I never saw myself accomplishing the things I have now. I went to a vocational high school thinking I wanted to do hair when I grew up, but I wasn’t good enough for that trade so they threw me into a fashion class and I’ve been stuck ever since. I learned how to sew, pattern making, and just the overall basics of clothing construction. When it was time for college I decided I didn’t like sewing anymore and I wanted to explore the other side of fashion. That side would be Fashion Merchandising which would allow me to become a buyer for any store I pleased. Turns out I wasn’t passionate about that either, but I carried on with it and received my degree in Fashion Merchandising from Indiana University of Pa anyway.
All of that leads me to where I am now, I felt like for years I wanted to be involved in the fashion industry so bad that I was willing to learn everything in anything about fashion. I spent years learning how to sew, and then I spent years learning how to buy for other big name companies. I wasn’t happy in the direction I was going in, and everything I had learned those last 8 years didn’t fill my void. I mean don’t get me wrong I loved knowing I could whip up a dress in 1 hour. I also loved the fact that I could help a department store bring in new merchandise on time and at the right price without causing a deficit in the companies budget. But all that stuff is what I could do for other people and not myself.
Right after graduation I realized I loved writing, and catching up on the latest news in fashion. That led me to my blog today Lets Talk Fashion with Nia, and seeing that come alive made me so happy. I also know that I’ll soon be manufacturing and overseeing my own clothing line by next year, and that also makes me happy. So what I’m trying to say is if you want to survive the fashion industry do what makes you happy. Its a million people that want to enter this industry and they all think they know more than the next. But if you follow who you truly are, and go by your heart you’ll soon stand out of those millions and be noticed for who you truly are. Not noticed for copying the likes of somebody else. Don’t let the fashion industry discourage you if you fail at one thing, it opens the door for another. We all have a passion, and if you stick with it I promise you It won’t let you down!

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