Freshman college

His name is Alexander Carneiro but friends call him Alex for short. He currently attends Post University for Business Management in hopes to someday obtain his Bachelor’s Degree. He attends effortful, proudly, and always motivated. His skills vary but apply to screenwriting, customer service, acting, and creative arts. Alex has a big dream to someday open up his own restaurant named “Caetano’s”, a place where the food is great and the service is divine. Alex currently works part time, but occasionally full time as Head Cashier and Delivery Guy at a Chinese restaurant in his local area. Working there has taught him a lot about different cultures and personalities. He works there to pay bills, but also for the experience and education that comes with it. Alex is a very friendly student with big open minded views on the world and wants nothing more than world peace and success in his life.
Dose of Motivation for the College Life

In my personal opinion, everyone should at least try out the college life before knocking it to the side. Even if you’re at the point where you don’t know what you want to do with your future. Jot down a few ideas and consider majoring in one of these choices. If you decide to change career choices later on in life, just talk to your advisor and get more information on switching. The college life may be hard at first for newcomers, but it does get easier as you go further with it. You’ll learn a whole of things you’d never see coming. Lessons that will greatly improve your future in various ways. With a degree, you can greatly improve your resume and chances of getting that amazing dream job you’ve always wanted. It’s experience, its knowledge, and it’s a great way to spend time.
You should always remember that what you do now will show in the long run. The more good choices you make now, the better your future becomes. It’s hard now, but it’ll be easier later. If you’re looking for some good solid reasons to keep you motivated, here are a few for you to write down and remind yourself of every day. With a good college education, you could make a whole lot more money. Money which we all need to pay usual important bills like rent, car insurance, utilities, and much more. You could make enough to pay those bills and also reward yourself with something nice at the end of the day. Something like a new phone, or a better car, a better meal, or even a mini vacation. It all depends on the job and income that your degree helped you achieve. Finding a job seems hard now, but with a degree, it becomes a walk in the park. Everyone wants to hire someone with knowledge, confidence, and experience. Someone who is official in their field of work and can really get the job done right. That person could be you, with a good college education.
A daily dose of motivation would be to remind yourself each day that you are doing this for you and you only. Prove to yourself that you can do anything you set your mind and heart to. This college experience will shape you into a much more intelligent human being. It will also gradually increase your motivation and potential. Each day further in is motivation itself. Each day is another step forward to success. Throughout this great experience, you will meet many new faces. Stick with the right faces who have the same potential as you and this could increase your networking and connections which could potentially give you better career options, and maybe even bump you up the ladder a little bit more since you now have valid references. It’s a very effortful and time consuming experience, but once you’re done and on the way to your finish line, you will smile every day knowing how much you can handle. Even though you did this all for you, and only you… everyone around you will notice your success and idolize you.
Set a good example for yourself and those around you will catch on. You could change the world. College has a lot to offer and these are just a few examples of that. Once you’ve started your college journey, you’ll discover so much more and you’ll never regret the time you spent giving yourself the best of the best. Keep up the great work, you’re a champion!

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