College freshman tips for girls

Sumaa Faizy is a Java web developer at a consulting agency located in Atlanta, Georgia. She is completing her Computer Science degree and is looking forward to her future goals of becoming Oracle certified. She is also a member of Technology Association of Georgia. In her spare time she enjoys updating herself with latest technologies, novels and nature.

I tend to get a feeling of anxiety every year around my birthday. This year was no different as I was so repulsed by it that I disappeared off of all social networks to ensure no one would remember it. As usual, the ones who truly cared were the only ones who remembered it and it was bittersweet. Others look at me and laugh wishing they could go back to their reckless twenties – bar hopping, living paycheck to paycheck and my favorite cliché: “the journey to find themselves”. At this stage in my life, I have come to two eye-opening realizations:
Everyone around me is afraid.
Change is inevitable.
In actuality, I would be considered more successful than most in my age bracket. I have job security in the exciting field of information technology, I am in a serious relationship, getting ready to graduate with a degree that will give me room for salary negotiation. Yes, I am someone most would consider fortunate. The road to get where I am today was never an easy one and I have learned that along with accepting the changes and taking the risks, the difference between true success and the stereotypical corporate slave is committing to hard work to find happiness in all aspects of your life that has no dollar amount attached to it.
People watching and the occasional after work drinks at the local young professionals bars have exposed me to the ongoing fear of failure everyone around me seems to have. Why is it that my boss who probably makes more figures than the curves on mine huffs and puffs down the halls of our picket fenced office? I am at the peak of my twenties and the world around me at my age is supposed to be rainbows and pots of gold waiting for me to dig up, but the sad truth is that many of us are not truly happy. Our disappointments have weakened us so much that even when we have a good thing in front of us, we find ways to sabotage it and tell ourselves that it’s just too good to be true. We are actually afraid to expedite and experience events that we know are bound to take place because as human nature has it, we become too comfortable with routine.

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