Organization tips for students in college

A 20-something Midwestern with an entrepreneurial spirit and deep passion for living a healthy and fulfilled life. Married in September, 2014. Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Business-Management from Ohio Wesleyan University, and a Masters of Business Administration from Ohio Dominican University. I am an independent Beachbody coach. I have lived in Washington D.C. and Denver, Colorado. I love God, my husband, my dog, my family, fitness and nutrition.

To be honest, I am pretty cynical about college. But let me tell the whole story…
As a high school student, I concentrated on one thing and one thing only: my “dream” college. I had aspirations of a Harvard-esque quality education. Crisp fall nights in the library, drinking endless amounts of coffee and meeting the “love of my life” who just happened to be a star football player/lawyer. I would go to college for four years, fall in love, and get an amazingly successful job, right out of college, on Wall Street.
I was actually pretty close to accomplishing that scenario. I started my college career at one of the biggest universities in the Unites States. No joke, it is basically a small city inside of another bigger city. And it was fun…but I went there for the wrong reasons…aka my parents wanted me to go there. And since they were paying for it, and I wanted to make them happy, I settled and accepted my spot (along with thousands of other high school seniors). (Lesson #1- do not settle.)
After two years of big college life, I decided to follow one of my best friends to a smaller university about 45 minutes outside of town. It was a blast! It was/is a very esteemed school with great professors and an amazing list of wealthy WASP alumni. Very “east coast” if you know what I mean. I loved the small university feel. Smaller classes were great for my ADHD. It was like high school…but with more alcohol. I started dating a lacrosse player. If you do not know anything about the east coast, lacrosse is life out there! Since the university was all east coast kids (and a sprinkling of us Midwesterners), lacrosse was everything. And it was everything to be a part of the “It” crowd. (Lesson #2- do not go to college to fall in love.)
It costs a lot of money to be popular. Looking back, I paid for the idea of college, not college itself. I got pretty good grades, but did not make any connections through an internship. I also went to school strictly to either marry rich or pick a major that made me rich. I did not listen to what I truly wanted and explored any major of interest.
If I could do it all over again, I would have gone to college for a passion, not a career.
My advice, do not think about what you are supposed to do. Do not think about what college you are destined to go to. Do not think about what your friends are doing or what your parents want. Explore for year if you want! Do not waste thousands of dollars and wasting four years of your life for something that really is not you. You want a small school experience?- ok! You want to go to design school?-ok! You want to take a year off and study lizards in Brazil?- ok! Do what you want. If you do that, then you will be successful. And isn’t that what college is about? Success?

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