Tips for incoming college freshmen

Nicholas Filipas graduated with a B.A. in Journalism from the School of Journalism and Communication at the University of Oregon in Eugene. During his time at the UO, he was the health and fitness writer for the school’s media company as well as contribute for numerous sports blogs. His dream job is to be a beat writer for a professional NBA basketball team, as he isn’t ashamed to admit he’s a basketball nerd. After graduation, Nicholas moved from Portland, Oregon to Nashville, Tennessee and was hired as a multimedia journalist for The Williamson Source, a lifestyle blog that covers news and sports in Williamson County. You can follow him on Twitter: @nicholasfilipas

It’s no secret that college life for some (if not all) students can be stressful at some point of their studies. Feeling the heat from midterms, struggling to find money for food and entertainment, dealing with romantic relationships. We’ve all felt a point of struggle and had those moments where you look out the window and just say to yourself, “Man I can’t wait to get out of here.”

I know I’ve said that more than once or twice.

As someone who recently graduated with a B.A. in Journalism from the beautiful campus of the University of Oregon in Eugene, I will say truthfully that mentally, I was checked out during the last term of my college career. I was done. So over it. Tired of reading pages of “required” text, having to slave work on group projects, die slowly from boredom in lecture, and then having to come home to my small apartment alone, cold and wet and figure out what I was going to stick in the microwave.

All I could think about that last month of school was coming home to a nice, warm bed. Not having to spend a single second on tests, or having to be somewhere in the afternoon for mandatory attendance. I could sleep in till noon, have homemade meals whenever I wanted and spend time with my dogs. That was the life.

I’ve been out of school for six months now, and while finally being referred to as a “college graduate,” sounds dandy and all, I find myself missing the college experience more and more. It’s become almost daily.

I miss the freedom to do really whatever I wanted. I miss going to football games and lose my hearing. I miss having set plans every weekend with my friends. I miss complaining to my roommates about assignments. But I think maybe it’s been harder for me since I immediately moved 2,000+ miles south from Oregon to Tennessee, in a part of the country that I don’t know a single soul other than my parents. Maybe I wasn’t ready to leave the college lifestyle so suddenly.

But I will say to those who are still enrolled in school and just want to be done, I totally understand the desire of leaving school for good. But please, cherish every single second of it. Every day that passes by, you’re another day closer to finishing this one chapter and moving on to the next, and quite frankly, the real world isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s hard, but life is supposed to be hard.

When we’re kids, we say we can’t wait to be older. When we’re in college, we can’t wait to get out and land that perfect job that pays handsomely. But take note the next time you’re out with your friends be like this forever. Make as many memories as you can. Because soon, you’ll be at a desk, looking out the window and say to yourself, “Man, I want to be back in college.”

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