Ways to survive college

Hello, my name is Senge Ngalame. I’m a graduate of Talladega College located in Talladega, Alabama where I majored in Biology in 2011. Currently I’m a student at Concordia University-Nebraska working on my Masters in Public Health. I had the opportunity to take part in different programs and organizations at and outside of Talladega during my undergrad duration.
I would like to discuss the importance of researching opportunities such as internships or summer programs while in undergrad. There are different types of programs targeted towards certain groups depending on the major. For example, there are programs that focus on encouraging minorities into different disciplines. Two programs that I participated in while at Talladega was called the Ronald E. McNair Post Baccalaureate Program sponsored by the Federal TRIO programs and Historical Black Colleges and Universities-Undergraduate Program(HBCU-UP) sponsored by the National Science Foundation. Both of these programs are targeted towards minorities to have careers in the sciences. In addition, each program encouraged each student to continue to attend graduate school. The program provided opportunities to travel to other destinations to complete research or participate in other programs. In addition, the programs provided grants that went towards paying my tuition.
I had the opportunity to travel to Brookhaven National Laboratory located in Upton, New York to participate in a College Mini Semester Program. I had this chance due to being a participant in the HBCU-UP program and the program director encouraged me to apply to the program. I was fortunate to have professors who saw my potential as student and invited me to take part in these programs. Even if you do not have a good relationship with your professor, it is best to make time to research and see what programs will be beneficial to you. There are so many programs created to encourage and mentor students in their selected field, but are not advertised. If you don’t research you will miss out. Taking part in internships, workshops, research programs, etc. are very good aspects to add to a resume, especially for graduate school. In addition, it is good for employers when applying for work.
My classmates would be very puzzled by how I found the different programs to participate in. They never understood how I was able to find them. I simply told them that I took the time to find programs that were related to my discipline of study through google or other search engines. In addition, speaking to professionals that visited my school who introduced me to other programs. I would also strongly encourage developing a relationship with a professor or an advisor. The reason that I suggest this is for certain programs that you may apply to, a recommendation from a professor will be needed. By having a connection with a professor who knows your strengths and weaknesses is just as helpful when needing recommendations. In addition, if an essay or resume is asked for part of the application, the professor or advisor can proofread and make suggestions which can enhance your application to make you a better candidate.

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