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Katharine Hewlings has a Master of Arts in Museum Studies from University of Leicester and a Graduate Certificate in Global Human Resources from University of Denver. She works as a Corporate Benefits Coordinator in Buffalo, NY and volunteers on the Advisory Council for a local non-profit museum board.

Human Resources: Variety and Opportunity

I stumbled across the Human Resources field after moving from one city to another. When I moved and was job searching I ended up landing a job as a Benefits Assistant for a non-profit. Later on, I left to move up to a Corporate Benefits Coordinator for a global company. These jobs were my first experience in the HR field and I have learned that they contribute to the bottom line of companies and are involved in many areas.

What are the areas of HR?
Employee Relations

These areas can overlap depending on the how large or small the employer is. You can also specialize in one area or become a generalist and deal with a broader aspect of HR business. It can therefore lead to a variety of learned skills and opportunity within this field.
Throughout my experiences I have learned a wealth of business knowledge, legal laws, and best practices. I have also continued to use my Human Resources experience in order to assist and help a local non-profit museum with HR related issues. I would encourage students to consider this field and see that you can use your work opportunities to assist your community and combine your work with your outside interests.

Please see some resources below to get you started.
National Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM)

Be sure to check out your local SHRM.

SHRM Young Professionals

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