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Born and raised in El Paso, Texas! Living along the border has always made it easier to keep all the Mexican traditions that we have, especially travel to Mexico and have that real Mexican food. I just graduated from New Mexico State University, in Las Cruces, New Mexico. I decided to pursue my bachelors and obtained a double major, one in Criminal Justice and the other one in Foreign Languages with a concentration in Spanish. Being that Spanish is my first language, I decided to study and learn more about it through mainly literature. I also thought that if I ever moved like I have always talked about, being bilingual would be a plus, and having a diploma to show it would be even better. In April I turned 23, no family yet just living the single life and enjoying myself to the fullest. One day I would like to return to Washington, D.C the place where I left a part of me a few summers ago.

Will it matter in a year? If the answer is no, then don’t worry about it so much, but if it will matter then be careful about what you decide to do next. This is one of the few questions that kept me going and was helpful to me while going through stressful situations. You just need to take a minute, breath, have some wine if you’re old enough, and ask yourself this question.
Throughout my college years I would stress about the tiniest situations. I would do this unconsciously for the most part, but it really put me down for days. Until I started to ask myself this question I would definitely worry less if I knew that it wouldn’t matter in a year. Of course in the mean while I kind of had to suck it up and confront the situation, but Chris Brown said “look at me now” (you know the song).
You can stop singing now. That #YOLO phrase that became so popular can come in handy too. There were weeks when I wouldn’t break off my routine and not have a social life. My roommate then suggested the whole #YOLO and well did it matter in a year? Definitely yes. Why? That night we had the most fun I have ever had in a long time, and until this day I would re-live that day if possible over and over again. I know we have all had those days where we just didn’t want them to end. Other nights didn’t matter so much in a year, they were useless, and I lost $30 and was miserable the morning after, definitely not one for the books.
I spoke to a classmate not too long ago and he said do it all now that you can, because out here you will barely find time for a lunch break. Now this doesn’t mean go and wild out and forget about everything that will affect you the morning after, but just don’t forget to live a little. We tend to loose ourselves and forget what we really want; we all want to live to the fullest. Many of have heard it, used it, but so few of us have actually lived it word by word, “live to the fullest.” There will be so many things that you will regret after graduating, the things you did do and the things you missed out on. I actually don’t know what’s worse, if regretting those things you are ashamed of or the regretful feeling for not being part of something and missed out. Whatever it may be many things in a year won’t matter, just remember that.
There comes the day where my hair was falling out too much, I wasn’t eating right or exercising for that matter, I could barely find the energy to wake up and get dressed. You can be your own weapon sometimes and if you don’t know how to let things go and stop overthinking so much, then you can become dead from the inside. So ask yourself that question will it matter in a year. Today I sit here and look back at a lot of things I overcame and stressed about so much at one point. I feel stupid, I feel dumb because I have come a very long way and more than half the things we tend to worry about won’t matter in a year.

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