Tips for students starting college

My name is Huan Le, a sophomore at Richland College and recently got accepted to the Southern Methodist University in Dallas Texas. Also, my major is International Finance. At the moment, I am an intern for Keller Williams Realty and also working with the National Association of Asian American Professionals of Dallas Fort-Worth. As an international student, I truly treasure my time in the United States, so I intend to maximize the valuable time I have left in the U.S.
There are several steps of becoming more successful in college. But first, we should keep in mind that every path is rough, especially the successful one.

1/ Plan ahead, aim higher:
Majority of college students is often unsure about their major. Planning ahead could help you clarify who you want to be and what would you like to do. A good plan always has backup plans, really good backup plans. Oh, why aim higher? Because our universe and our planet are limitless. Now might be the time to make the dream in your head a reality.
2/ Set your priorities straight:
From working to interning and also school, there are a lot to handle. If you are not careful, it can be really dangerous for all of your activities. Decide what is the most essential element in your future and focus on it. It doesn’t mean leave other things or give up. Remain constant is the key.
3/ Find opportunities, don’t wait for one:
There are various kinds of opportunities that are waiting for us to take it. However, the one worth having is not come easily. You have to find it, earn it, use it and conquer it. It includes internships, net-workings, extra-curricular activities, or community works.
4/ Want to be financially independent? Why don’t you start now? :
The best investment you could possibly make is going to college for further education. Besides that, there are many ways that you could be financial independence while in college. As a Co-founder of a start-up company oversea (Zest Organization), I have to say the experience I have earned while working with different types of people in the industry have nurtured me a lot. Start your own company, invest on stocks, options or real estates are some of the most common ways to earn your experience in college and be financially independent. There are a lot of large companies that start with college students just like us, and they are exploding. Find partners with the same vision, and there you go.
5/ Give back to the community:
At the moment, I am a president of the Environment and Charity Club in Richland College, and I have to say it helped me a lot with career. Volunteer and help your community is not only a humble thing to do, but it is also an opportunity to find potential connections. Shining up your resume and building up your reputation is also what community works can help you with. Plus, what is better than the look of joy on someone face because of you?
6/ Health comes first: Nothing above could be done without health. Take care of yourself!

The reason you should consider to make the most out of your college life is because you will never be as young as yesterday and as driven as you are now. It will be hard, and it will be tough. That is why the successful road doesn’t have a foot print of lazy people.

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