Going to college advice

My name is Abir Ali Bhuiyan. I am 20 years old. I am the youngest of 4 siblings. I am currently attending full time at Long Island University in Brooklyn and im in my junior year with 3.5 GPA. My major is B.S in Accounting. I am part time sale/operation manager of Brooklyn Jewelry and Fragrance inc. I am also a tutor for America Read program and aspiring Model for E.K. Revolution. My hobbies are trendsetting, weight lifting, writing poems, and watching TV.

8am in the morning, a typical high school senior who didn’t have much knowledge about how the world around him worked was waiting for the infamous L train at Broadway Junction. After 10 minutes delay, which was cause by an “Earlier incident”, the train finally arrived. The high school senior finally got on board after much shoving and squeezing as if that train was the last train to heaven. “Please stand clear of closing doors, please stand clear of closing doors, please stand clear of closing doors (monotone voice)” prerecorded train conductors voice was playing as the high school senior’s eyes wonders around the train. He gets a glimpse of a black and white banner and written on it was “Find Out How Good You Really Are!!!” sponsored by Long Island University (LIU). Growing up in a South Asian Community, people would always criticize the youngster and their family’s reputation based on the school they are going to as if there is a caste system just based on the rating of the school, Specialized High Schools were at the top of the Caste and everything else were below it and it was no different for colleges too. My parents always wanted me to attend Harvard or Cornell or Princeton or any Ivy League Institution. I don’t blame them, who doesn’t want their son to be in an Ivy League college, but for a South Asian community a kid getting into an Ivy League school is almost equivalent to receiving a doctorate degree or winning lottery and it’s more like the parents of that kid winning lottery. The winning parents get the right to Boast and humiliate the parents of less fortunate and shove it on their face. They feel like they are untouchable. Too me these Ivy league Institution is a type of branding to ruin these youngsters life. So many of my friends dropped out of college or lost interest in education because they didn’t get a chance at these “Ivy League Institution” and they worked so hard to make it into one of this Institution. I have heard rumors that few students at these Ivy League institution also committed suicide just because they have failed a class or two. What are these entities called “Ivy League Institutions”? What is the meaning of Ivy League? Are they specialized college because they have better teacher or is it because their curriculum is really tough and challenging or is it merely the branding of the name because these institutions are like the living fossil surviving 1 to 2 centuries and have more antique value also produced few political figures in process? I personally didn’t want to go for these big shot institutions so when I saw the LIU advertisement on the L train that day, and coincidentally there was an on the spot interview in my high school, I decided to take part of the interview. I got accepted (No surprise there), but also received few scholarships since I had an 96 average and honorable SAT score, also got into the HEOP program so first year of college is paid for. I decided to attended LIU mainly because I didn’t have to pay any money for first year ( I thought HEOP would pay for all fours of years of college at that time) and I was lazy to apply to other college. After attending LIU first years and finding out that HEOP only cover the full Tuition of the first year only, I started to reflect back on the slogan “Find Out How Good You Really Are”. Then it hit me that every coin has two sides, and flip side of that slogan is “Find Out How Bad You Really Are” and trust me it didn’t take much time to find out how bad I am. Soon I came to a realization all of this is branding and planned ignorance. This people doesn’t want us to learn what we want to learn, they are teaching us what they want us to learn. They know our main motive is getting an career after we get a degree so we can pay off the loans. They let us choose a major and paves the rest of the road for us with classes they want us to take for that major and limits our choices of class we really want to take. They make us take classes which has nothing to do with our major. For example, an accounting major is required to take three science, like one science wasn’t bad enough. How is biology or chemistry or physics is going help that student with the Accounting? Rather than taking those science classes the that the kid and I are paying for, we could be paying for the class we want to take. Therefore, we can expand the scope of our talent that we want to specializes in; hence we can find out for ourselves how good we really are at acquiring the talent we want to attain.

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