College freshman help

Danielle Green is a senior at Davenport University majoring in marketing and promotions minoring in advertising. Active in her local church doing freelance advertising; she is also a mother to a 3year old gentleman with beautiful eyes. Currently working at General Motors waiting on graduation day. Follow her on Twitter @DannDann88.

My first semester in college I made everything so complicated. Had I stuck to the study habits I picked in high school I would’ve had better grades. The first tip is when you get to college don’t study harder than you did in high school. Study SMARTER. There is so much more material to be covered quickly than it was in high school. Pay attention in class because most teachers give clues about what will be on exams, test, and quizzes. It is so hard when it gets boring to text someone or get on one of the MANY social media platforms. KNOW your weakness and leave your phone in the bottom of your backpack on airplane mode. It’s important to remember that you are paying for them to teach you. So let them do their job and teach. Take notes, if you lack in note taking record some audio of the lecture. Tip 2 is asking questions! They are getting paid to answer those same questions. Some people are really nervous and embarrassed about asking questions. Don’t be. The final tip is don’t pressure yourself and work too hard. If you stay up studying all night and fall asleep the chances are you may not remember because you are EXHAUSTED. Plan it out and study at your peak hours. You are under immense pressure and want to make everyone proud and do the best you can. Remember to focus on one thing; YOU are in college not those other people. Try to enjoy the experience as well as learn as much as you can. BUT… If all else fails make friends with the smartest kids in class and study with them.

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