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Jillian Hoenig studies psychology, art, and computer science. She spends most of the day in her room, and the rest of it getting lost around the greater Boston area, which is VERY hard to navigate, or tiredly walking her bike a up a hill, or down it, depending on its steepness. She loves slurpees, coffee, sleeping, synthpop, and sometimes even college!

So you’ve made it to college. It’s been a long, harrowing journey… Vying for finger paint in pre-school, fabricating elaborate excuses for why your homework isn’t done in elementary, fabricating elaborate excuses for why your homework isn’t done, why you should be excused from gym, sex ed, AND math, and why your parents’ car no longer has a side-view mirror, in high school.

Nice going. But now you’re on to the next level, and it comes with all new challenges. You’ll still need art supplies and excuses. That hasn’t changed. But, hey, you’re a grown up now, and here’s the thing about adulthood… No one’s packing your lunches anymore. You have to feed yourself now.

You’re probably thinking, “No big deal. Humans have been feeding themselves for thousands of years. Neanderthals could figure it out… I can handle this.” Well, maybe. But probably not. You’ll most likely fall into the ranks of the vast majority of students who open the fridge to a six-pack and squishy pickles. Chances are, feeding yourself won’t come naturally. Sure, a Neanderthal could do it in his sleep… Heck, single-celled organisms know how to get food inside of them… But you, you’re a college kid, and college kids are a unique species. You’ll be inundated with assignments and deadlines, and the cafeteria will be closing, (or you’re not on a meal-plan), and the grocery store will be a hop skip and a jump that you really need a car for, and all you’ll have are your beer and squishy pickles.

And, cooking is difficult. Cooking requires ingredients, utensils, and, probably some heat source that’s not a microwave. Chances are you don’t have the time or the resources for it.

Here’s what you can do. Get some cheese. Lots of cheese! Because when you have cheese, you’re already way ahead of the game. And here’s why – It works with the contents of a college kid fridge. You probably don’t have a full pantry, but as long as you’ve got a few odds and ends to nosh on, that cheese will go a long way. Cheese is that edible singularity, where cheese + X is always delicious.

But, more importantly, it’s healthy. Worry about your health. And, yeah, putting cheese in your face might be the best you can do, because, you’re in college, and your being here doesn’t always lend itself to getting proper nutrition. Really, sustaining yourself isn’t easy in these parts.

So, the advice here, cloaked in the palatable suggestion of cheese, is really to take care of yourself. So take care of yourself. Because health is kind of important. Your life will take a lot of turns in the next couple of years; a lot of things will happen that you won’t have control over. The next stage of your life may be totally up in the air right now. But eating properly is in your hands.

Put good things in your body. Like cheese. Maybe even a vegetable. Or something. You’ll be a healthier person for it.

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