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I am Leresa Gripper a Brooklyn, NY native. I am currently a Junior at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA. At the age of sixteen I graduated from high school. Since then I knew that anything was achievable through hard work and dedication. Dancing since I was three years old, I did most of her dance training with National Dance Institute (NDI). It was my passion for dance that cultivated my career choice entertainment. From a young age I decided that my main goal in life was to open a dance school of my own. Wanting to learn more about the entertainment industry I decided to transfer from Long Island University and Study at Drexel University for Entertainment and Arts Management. Still with the ultimate goal of owning my own dance school, I would like to continue exploring my options and work both in the creative and business side of entertainment industry.
One thing I enjoy doing is traveling. I traveled with People to People Ambassador Program to Europe at the age of 13. After this voyage I was interested in culture and later worked in the culture department at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum. I also started to cared more about the well – being of others. I grew up in a religious christian base house hold. I also grew up in a neighborhood where only few are privilege. My motivation to be successful is based on family, friends, and neighbors who are rooting to see me succeed. I’m aware that a lot of young people are watching me back home and a lot of people have the same goals and ambitions to be successful. I have a mission and desire to share valuable advise to other students like myself. I also want to inspire and encourage other young adults. Last year I created my own chat series on Youtube called Video Chat Series: lets talk. On the channel I discuss different situations we all go through and give advise on how to deal with them.
I’m excited about my future. I believed that when people fulfill their ambitions and goals it benefits a people and generations. I will continue to pursue my education, career in entertainment, and supporting others.

By: Leresa Gripper

When we hear “get involved” in regards to college one usually think about joining clubs and going to events to meet people. Which is something that I recommend for everyone to do. I am a junior at Drexel University a university located in the city of Philadelphia. I transferred from Long Island University Post (LIU) which is located in an urban setting. I went to college not knowing anyone there. I am not shy but I’m not outgoing. I’m not good at meeting new people and getting involved socially. I would rather eat alone then to ask someone to join a table with them if they eating alone also. Being at LIU Post I realized that not getting involved on campus with others, my teachers and classmates didn’t have a healthy effect on me. It made me miss home more, and feel lonely. I became unfocused and felt like I didn’t belong. These feelings had a depressing effect on me and my schoolwork. It’s better to be acquainted with people than to be by yourself all the time. When starting school as a freshman I had to come to the realization that I’m not the only one who didn’t know anyone.

When I transferred to Drexel University I took full advantage of everything that was offered to me. I didn’t become extra outgoing or changed my personality. I simply opened up more and accepted my surroundings. I decided to do things I enjoyed that were available on campus. I took advantage of tutoring and the writing center. I also decided to be more involved in the classroom interacting with my teacher and my fellow classmates. These are examples of being involved in school, and becoming well rounded. Now that I am more involved in various areas I feel motivated and like I belong at Drexel. These feelings made me focus and want to do well in school.

Why is it important to get involved? Well. Firstly, when you’re active in school clubs and apart of teams you find out your similarities and differences with your peers. Your make friendships and have a network of people who can be there for you and you can be a help to them when needed. Secondly, it’s also good for your resume. Jobs and internships like to see that you were active and have social and interpersonal skills. It is also good if you apply for scholarships and scholarly opportunities. Thirdly, when you’re active in your classroom the teachers notice your effort and you’re showing them that you are serious about their class which often makes them willing to help and support you in and outside the classroom. Fourthly, it is good to get involved in your surroundings. Whether it’s making sure you know your way around the school or attending an event on campus you should always take a step in learning your surroundings. This is a good way to meet people and a chance to areas and events where you may be able to relax. Make friends because it’s not healthy to always be secluded. Of course you have to use your time wisely especially in college, I recommend you attend events and join clubs after you have completed your school work.

Getting involved at your college or university is something you shouldn’t be afraid of because it has good outcomes and great personal rewards. However, watch a common pitfall don’t become too involved where you confuse your priorities and become less focused on your school work. Sometimes college students end to make too many commitments and can’t handle it all. Being a student is a load all by itself. It is very important to be involved but balance your activities and school work. You have to find out what works for you so you can be a well – rounded college student.

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