Wonderful words of encouragement for college students

Hi, my name is Grant Crist, and I am a senior Engineering student and athlete at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Over the past 3 years of my study at the University of Colorado at Boulder, I have learned a lot and really honed in on what people, and all that we depend on, need most. This comes down to one thing that I think I am capable of offering best: environmental remediation of contamination, especially with regard to water quality and Acid Mine Drainage. I have personally seen the degradation ecologically, measured water samples from the drainages of tailings ponds, and witnessed the 1,000 year flood during September 2013 here in Boulder, CO. These many experiences have led to my chosen path of study of Site Remediation within Environmental Engineering. I also hold minors in Leadership and Geology. Most recently, I have begun to get into a some of the top-tier courses of Water Chemistry, Hydrogeology, and Sedimentology, that have continued to strike my interest in the direction I have mentioned here. I plan to use all 3 of my degrees in conjunction for the betterment of our World, both local and on a broader scale. My plan has me on track to graduate from my undergraduate studies in May 2016.
Basically, the point of the above paragraph is to say that while your chosen major matters a lot, explore some diverse topics and broaden your mind and thought process while you can. Also, I will not graduate “on time in 4 years” as they say. I will have taken 9 semesters and two summer courses. Ultimately what graduating “in 4 years” means anyhow, is that you took 3-4 courses each summer and both spring and fall semesters for 4 years. Do not let yourself get stressed about graduating college quickly. It is a big deciding process on what to do for the rest of our lives. On the other hand, you should not take 8 years to obtain a bachelor’s degree either, as this is a poor investment given the time value of money and interest accruing on student loans. Follow your interests, as long as they are constructive, and stick with them to the end. Be a finisher in the end, and not just a starter.

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