Tips for going to college

My name is Anissa DelaCruz and about college life, it can be a little hectic for those of us who really want to make a difference not only in our own lives, but in our family’s lives and even perhaps the lives of the public.
I have been in college from my later high school years up until presently. I have been through much political works from the age of 17 upwards and to the best of my ability had not seen any results from my efforts. Graduating from the Houston Community College with an Associate’s Degree was not the easiest; especially with pressures of wanting to hang out, trying to make money and having the life you are told by the government and the raging achiever inside of yourself that it is time to be an adult, now! There is no other option but to leave, NOW! And forget the life you had because this will be one so much better! When I was younger, medicine seemed to be for me. The medical field was always a long sighted goal of my mother’s and I decided that maybe it was something to pursue considering the many practices I had watched my grandmother do in her own home, aside from kissing my own “boo-boos”. There was always something more to be had, and living with not only my grandmother and my aunt and missing my mother; because these situations do happen that families fall apart for due necessity, becoming the product of so much effort had made me slightly more independent than I cared to think or even my friends cared to consider.
After several years on my own feet, graduating and then slightly failing at the workplace and in personal interactions, both platonic and romantic, love had led me to believe that the law was the direction to be headed. It was after having worked a job at Houston’s Museum of Natural Science and gawking at the walls considerably for hours the names of philanthropists and obviously successful practitioners of law among other fields of study tightly knit sciences within sciences. Their praises were written and felt through the entire building, their voices and due just accomplishments rang freely through every hallways. Was it I want to be a teacher? Or was it do I want to be a lawyer? I wasn’t sure. I was attending University of Houston-Downtown for Sociology, a fit with being homeless and staying in what it’s labeled as a rooming house, transferred to Texas Southern University to study Political Science and Sociology as a double major. Things started happening in conjunction with the residing presidency and active interaction with the campus. After much consideration and multimedia interactions with political entities and social studies actively happening on campus in combination with what is discreetly a Bachelors in Cultural Anthropology that I have, it was enlightening to see the ability of the nation of the United States reconvene with the outside world in efforts of what was discussed as “globalization” through prescriptive suggests from the outside world to heal and reestablish what is and always has been considered the “American Standard”. Also known as this “breadline” photograph circa 1960.

What my ultimate goal is at this point is to continue away from law practices and political initiatives and to relate solely to surgery, namely the surgical technician program provided by the Houston Community Coleman College of Medical Professions. To have been through the trouble I have had and still remaining determined in my pursuit of happiness is what is most important for students who have strived to better their lives and better themselves; for the money, for the life, and even sometimes if things go right for a better community.

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