Best advice for college freshmen

Recent International Baccalaureate graduate that is now currently working on my business administration degree at the University of Central Florida. Also currently working a marketing internship with a teacher professional development company and looking to advance my career be seizing various opportunities that can provide marketable business experience. Ideal night involves meaningful conversations with good company about anything from my sports teams to thought provoking tangents about life.

Utopia is defined as a a place of ideal perfection. College aside, our overall goal is to achieve our own personal Utopia, a place and or position in life that we construct for ourselves and call the ideal place or position to be. In order to reach Utopia, we must imagine our ideal life and take the steps necessary to guide ourselves there. This process, I believe, begins with college.

College is the time for self-development and thorough maturing. Now the process may vary from person to person, but our goal in college is to strive to become the person we always imagined we would be from as early as adolescence. Before starting college, a million thoughts and worries may run through your mind, but the cards will fall into place if you continually strive to familiarize yourself with the unfamiliar.

Whether you’re entering a new town or staying close to home, there are aspects of life that seem unfamiliar. Branching out and experiencing different things, getting involved and building relationships is the key. Even if this is out of your comfort zone, you should try breaking your social barriers and give change a chance. Ask yourself: Who do you want to be? How will you guide yourself there?

So branch out and shatter these unfamiliar barriers. It never hurt to experience different things and meet different people. That is the process of self-development—you experience and through trial and error, you find your fit. These experiences can be anything, from the small accounting club, to intramural sports, to even greek life. When starting college, this is all unfamiliar and there is no harm done in planting your seeds in different areas. If you do, and as cliche as it sounds, you just might grow something beautiful.

Joining a multitude of school organizations is a great step to take in reaching your Utopia, and it becomes even closer when developing relationships with an array of different personalities at your school. These relationships can scale from personal to professional ones, both beneficial to you in the long run. College is a fun time, but essentially it becomes more enjoyable when your surround yourselves with good company. Nowadays, the concept of networking cannot be further emphasized. Networking truly is vital in landing a flourishing career. So when building relationships, remember the little details that people may mention to you because these little details can be the one thing that allows you to cross the threshold between employment and unemployment.

So take it all in, find yourself, and guide yourself to where you want to be. College is one monumental trial and it is a vital time in your life. It is a time to make memories and build friendships that will remain past your four (give or take) scholarly years. Make sure to leave a mark and continue to transform the unfamiliar into your ideal state of being. Take chances. After all, if you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backwards.

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