Freshman year college tips

Yeisel Lozada is a passionate and dedicated 23 year-old. She pursued bachelors in English and Business from Florida International University. She now works at a secretive and magical company where she hopes to grown in. She enjoys to read anything and everything, gardening and blogging.

When in high school my parents used to tell me that my only job was to focus on my studies and get good grades. After arriving to college I was faced with many other responsibilities, extracurricular activities, and an actual job.

The first thing I learned from my busy freshman year is that an agenda is key. The beauty of an agenda is that you can jot down your all assignment and test dates. You can also schedule your meetings accordingly to your classes, and studying schedule. After all the scheduling you can squeeze in your social engagements.

Using an agenda might be overwhelming to some, especially if you have many things to schedule. Here are some tips for using an agenda:

1. Color-coding: the best way to know what is most pressing on your agenda for that day. It is important to remember that attending your classes and scheduling time to study is the most important task.

2. Daily to do list: even thought you know what you have to do that day, choose 3 things that you MUST do. That way if you do not have the time to finish your list, you will still feel accomplished.

3. Learn to say NO: Even when you know you can squeeze something in, keep in mind that you still need time to recharge your batteries and catch up on your favorite shows.

The second thing I learned is that multi-tasking is not the same as trying to do everything at the same time.

1. If you are having a hard time of getting a hold of your parents, try calling them while walking to your classes.

2. Track your time; give your self a certain amount of time to finish a task.

3. Do not watch TV while studying!!! This is a no –no specially when learning the basics.

The last and very important thing is that you need to have fun. Join clubs that allow you to make new friends and advance your goals. Schedule time with your friends; make sure to keep those connections alive. Take care of your needs; you still need remember to eat well and exercise.

Even thought I prefer a paper agenda, for those of you who are techies these tips still apply. There are plenty of apps made specifically for students and there organizational needs. This also ensures that you do not run the risk of losing your agenda and therefore all of your precious plans.

I hope that you have found these tips helpful. An agenda is not necessary, but I do believe that staying organized is the most important thing to surviving your freshman year and managing every year after. Might recipe for success was my agenda and post-its hopefully you will be able to get the same results as I did.

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