Tips for freshmen in college

My name is Rashaan Ahmad and I am a sophomore at the University of Miami majoring in the disciplines of finance and economics. My primary goal is to become an investment banker and eventually become an entrepreneur by having my own businesses. Some of my passions include reading, traveling, sports, martial arts, and anything new and exciting that makes a positive impact on others and drives innovative ideas. I am very active on campus, holding various leadership positions in clubs and organizations such as Student Government Association, Economics Club, and The National Honor Society.

Finance and Money Management has been a major passion of mine from a young age. Understanding the monetary system and teaching others about it through propagating financial literacy is something i’ve done since I was in high school and continue to do today on the collegiate level as well. When I was a freshman in college, I started an organization at my school called the Broward Gold Trust. It was an organization modeled as a hedge fund which would teach students basic concepts in corporate finance through practical application. In addition, we would also give students a problem going on in the business world and give them a week to come up with a solution to that problem which they would present and earn prizes if the board selected them. The trust is something I take pride in and I hope to have many more things like it in the future.

In my family, I am the youngest of three brothers. My older brothers are thirty five and thirty two and I am nineteen years old. Even though there is a big age gap between me and my brothers we are very close and our relationship is bigger than just being brothers, they are two of my closest friends. I also have both my mom and dad who are very supportive of me and have always looked out for my best interests. I can say unlike some other teenagers out there that I can talk to them literally about anything going on in my life and not feel uncomfortable at all. I also have a nephew two years younger than me and he is someone I am very close with. We relate to each very well because of our closeness in age and we always have each others back.

Being at the University of Miami has been one of the funnest experiences I’ve had so far in my life. I enjoy the academia, the campus life, the diversity, but most importantly the openness of the student body. It has been easy to make friends and meet others who share similar goals of having a successful future. Like anything else in life theres always ups and downs and adjustments to be made, but I believe it’s all apart of our journey in life to make us better as people. I don’t know what the future holds, but not knowing what nexts excites me because it gives me the motivation to work as hard as I can to be successful on my own terms.

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