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My name is Joe Benjamin. I’m a freshman majoring broadcast journalism at Suffolk University. I was born in Atlanta, GA and moved to Boston when I was 14. In my spare time, I like finding new jazz music, doing smack poetry with my friends, and being around good people. I tend to be that go-to guy whenever somebody needs advice with anything so that’s why I’m here! Hope y’all like my articles, they’re anything but average. And by the way, don’t forget to be awesome

Finals. Every college kid across the world has a love-hate relationship with it. We all wish it could just go away and stop stressing us out. But we can’t find a genie or have super powers to somehow make Finals week vanish. Don’t we deserve a break sometimes? Maybe a good pat on the back just for being awesome college kids? Personally, I think finals is the root of all evil (slightly passing American Idol) but who would ever make finals such a thing?
There are things that colleges do just to make finals less stressful. For example, puppies. Need to say more? There are also little hubs to have a group of people you have classes with so you can study in your school library so that’s always useful. Plus if you haven’t really talked to that cute boy or girl in the class, which would probably be a good time to do so (I’m also a part-time Hitch in my free time), and ask her/him about that confusing question that you’ve been stuck on since the beginning question that the professor asked you in psych.
The inner Sherlock Holmes came into play and I soon did some research history about finals on the good ol’ Google. I couldn’t find anything of when finals were invented, but I did find something that would be useful for my fellow broke, stressed, college peeps. Here are some tips to cope with finals:
1. Hakuna Matata: No matter how major that bio exam or theatre monologue that you either have to study or memorize for, don’t fret. Take some break when you’re studying. Treat yourself to a pumpkin spice latte or just a couple of episodes of Parks and Rec, it won’t hurt. Trust me, I’m a college kid.
2. R-E-L-A-X: Finals week is without a doubt the most stressful times college kids have to face every semester. But that doesn’t mean that you should actually stress out! Calm down son, because finals are overrated and just the word makes everybody break down and have panic attacks. It’s not worth it, because you know how to study, you know how to kick butt. So why don’t you add those two attributes and use it against finals. That’s the perfect equation for a great, relaxing study period.
3. Take care of yo’self broseph: Yeah you will have those late nights in the library writing that 8 page essay, but make sure you don’t do that on a regular basis. Make sure you get some rest and also, those power naps. Those work big time! One time, I had a quick 30 power nap, and I finished a presentation about why Chipotle is better than Qdoba, and I got an A on it. So I think you know where I’m heading with this. Get chipotle, and nap!
But in all seriousness, take care of yourself. Get plenty of sleep, drink (water), and eat good food. Relax, because everything is going to be alright I promise you. And lastly, have no worries dude. Make sure you get some breaks for yourself and don’t work yourself til you explode, because it won’t be a pretty sight. You are already a pretty sight, so why mess that up?
Stay kosha y’all
Joe Benjamin

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