Tips for college freshmen

My name is Kayla Jackson I am graduating from North Carolina A&T State University. my major is journalism with a concentration in electronic media. This involves broadcast production ,print journalism, and digital journalism. I would describe my writing as brief and clear. I remember sitting in class or watching the news during election season. Sometimes it was hard to understand what anyone was saying. Thus,I vowed to make my writing clear and brief so everyone could benefit from it. I believe writing is one way to inspire people to take action. Thus, improving themselves and society.

When I first came to college, I thought it would be fun and it was at first. I went to my first club , where ladies got in free until 12. This was alright. Yet, the majority of the time we waited in line so long that we still had to pay 20 dollars to get in. I also joined organizations that bugged the heck out of me. It was awesome and frustrating at the same time. Yet, I didn’t figure out until I was a junior, that time management played a huge role when balancing college life.

Time management is important especially when you’re attending college.
It makes everything easier and teaches you how to balance work and
play.In this article you will learn six tips to help you make
your college experience easier.

1.Evaluate Your Work and Time Ratio
The first thing you should do is to sit down and evaluate your work
and time ratio. Over the years I have used the page by day method. The
page by day method is when you split up the number of pages you have
to read or write by the number of days you have left to complete the assignment. So if you to read 90 pages in ten days. You would divide it by ten. This would equal ten pages every day for nine days. This method helps you become less overwhelmed and saves time.

2. Study Anytime You Can
The second method is to study anytime, you have timed during
the day. This includes between class, before class, and after class.
Doing this will make college feel like a piece of cake. If you can’t
study during those times, here are a list of times, where you can

● Waiting for the bus to go to the mall
● While on the bus to the mall
● Waiting for your food in a restaurant
● Between commercial breaks during your favorite television shows
● and eating lunch

3.Tomato timer
Another method you can use to save time is the timer method. I use a site
called Their timer is based around the pomodoro
method. This means, you have four 25 study or work sessions, and in between all
four of those sessions you have a five minute break. After all four of
those sessions are done, you have a longer, ten minute break. Then,the
process repeats itself. This method helps you dip your hands in different
classes throughout the day .

4. Mini- Habits
Mini habits are another way to further reduce the amount of time you
spend on certain things. Mini-habits are habits that take five
minutes or less to do. This includes maybe cleaning off your desk or
organizing your notebook for class. This is the best thing to do during the breaks I mentioned in step 3. Use those five minutes to be more productive in
different areas of your life. I use my time to meditate.

5. Create Study Guides
Creating study guides are good for saving time as well.
I’ve found that study guides make it easier to study as a whole. This eliminates you having to go back into the syllabus as the end of each section to see what you need to study. There are two methods I used for this. The first method was printing out my professor’s study guides in outline form, and then writing notes on the side.
The second process was creating charts.If you’re taking notes or you just want a quick,clear read of your notes. Charts are are the best.

6. Study Groups
The last method I use is participating in study groups. Study groups
are awesome when you have the right people. Make sure you establish
that you’re there to work at the beginning. Study groups allow you to
bounce information off of other people and get a better understanding
of the material. There, you can add information you missed to your own notes. I found that study groups are also significant when you have students who have taken similar classes with the professor. This can help you get a good idea of the format and style
of the test. As a result,you’ll get a better grade on your first test and in the class as a whole.

Is college easy? Sometimes. Is it fun? Sometimes. Yet, the work can be
alot to handle.So what? You’ve gotten this far, so you know you can do it. However, you can make it so much easier with these six tips.

Tips for college freshmen

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