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I am Rebekah Riggins, an undergraduate student at George Fox University. I am majoring in Journalism (Broadcast), specializing in Cinema Media Communications. This is my 4th year living in Oregon; I am originally from Southern California. I have a passion for writing and telling stories on paper as well as through video. I am a member of the Lambda Pi Eta, The National Communication Association Honor Society at George Fox. I have acquired a few internships in the past; a radio news director at George Fox, a news anchor for George Fox Bruin News and The Crescent, and a social media manager for BESThq. Reading, running, volunteering as a teacher for preschoolers, throwing (ceramics term), and spending time with family and friends are just a few of my favorite things to do during my spare time. I plan on working in some field of communication; PR, social media, broadcast, print, etc. May will be the end of my undergraduate experience and I am looking forward to seeing what the future has in store for me.

The George Fox School of Business offers more than just an education, but an experience. Out of the seven majors to choose from: accounting, economics, finance, global business, entrepreneurship, marketing, or management, the start of a business career begins with the university’s Introduction to Business class.
This class provides potential business students with a great foundation. A guest faculty speaker is welcomed each week along with lectures and class exercises. Every speaker takes time to get to know the students as well as encourage them to meet outside of class, which emphasizes George Fox’s motto “Be Known.”
The beginning of the semester starts off with the students learning their top five strengths. After taking a 30 minute assessment on Strengths Finders, students are given their top five strengths and a brief definition of each strengths’ meaning. Students are assigned to contact three close friends or family to give them more insight on their strengths.
Students found out that they were able to apply their strengths when put into group settings as well as when they left the classroom. Not only does this class prepare students for their journey with a business career, but it also opens their eyes to see how they can use their strengths when faced with any challenge.
Many topics were discussed over the course of 15 weeks. The importance of effective communication, relationship marketing, global economy, social responsibility, leadership, and business ethics are just a few that are highlighted in this class.
Group exercises provide students with the opportunity to work in teams and put to action what is taught in the classroom. Students learn the importance of asking questions, paying close attention to detail, and communicating through one exercise in particular.
A limited amount of newspaper and tape were given out to groups of six students. They were instructed to build the largest structure possible, within 25 minutes. Each group came up with a unique interpretation of the assignment. Obstacles, achievements, and goals were discussed and a common difficulty was the fact that there was limited supply. The importance of asking questions and learning to work with your strengths was brought to action through this exercise.
Not only are students taken out of their “normal” classroom experience, but they are able to explore who they are as individuals and learn how they can work best in a business environment.
Whether the student is a freshmen, sophomore, junior, or senior, each one can apply what is taught in the Intro to Business class and feel confident in their college career as well as their career after college.
The School of Business is founded on great principles. Christopher Meade, the Dean of the College of Business and Director of MBA program states their passion, “We want them to be known not just for the credentials they earn but for the character they possess.”

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