Advice for college freshmen guys

I am a junior at Mercy College studying Sociology. I plan on going to law school to study intellectual property or graduate school for sociology. I enjoy writing teen stories and I intend on publishing my stories that I have written in the near future. I have an obsession with CapriSun and babies.

In college, the professors are people that will scare you without a doubt. However, you be discouraged by them. They are people, just like you. But they have the information you need and the power over your grades. It need to be understood that there are 3 different types of professors in college. No matter where you end up, there are the Easy Peas, the Stick Up the A**es, and the In Betweenies. These are the instructors you will definitely come across in your college career.
I learned this from my experience in two different colleges that I have attended in my years in college. However, with these three professor, you have to utilize their methods as a way to be a decent professor for the university or college. My freshman year, I had a combination of these “profs” but I didn’t let them get to my head. Just because one it too easy or too hard, these are the experiences you will for sure encounter in the real world of employment, or whatever profession you want to pursue.
The characteristics of these professors are:
• The Easy Peas are going to seem like your best friend in a suit with a dry-erase marker. This type of professor is friendly and super casual (however, don’t take advantage of this fun fact). He/she is a professor whose class you enjoy going to and you actually do the work required for class. Remember though, there are disadvantages and advantages to having this professor being your instructor. Many students will take their professor’s kindness for grant and feel that they don’t have to do the work or even come to class, because their professor is “so cool” and seem like pushovers. Do not forget, even though they are friendly and down-to-Earth, they are still your professor and gives you your grades that you receive at the end of the semester. So be wise of how you treat a situation like this. Fortunately, these professors like to help a student in need academically; many times, they give more assistance than most professors do. They sometimes have days when they allow students to meet with him/her in the library, his office or the classroom before class starts to have little study sessions. This especially should be taken advantage of because this professor is taking extra time out of his/her day to be of assistance to you.
• The Stick Up the A**es are professors that students dread sitting in front of for hours and believe are just difficult for kicks. Guaranteed, you probably want to withdraw from this course mainly because of the professor. They ask hard, “unanswerable” questions, lecture all class, and carry class all throughout its duration. They also give pop quizzes, give loads of coursework, and penalize those who didn’t do the work, were late, or didn’t come to class at all. A lot of the times, you’ll probably not even raise your hand in class with the fear that your professor will embarrass you. Your professor will remind you of Meryl Streep’s role in Devil Wears Prada, a serious hard ass that you just wish the Earth would swallow for being so unreasonable. But think about it: is this professor really being evil or doing what they are paid to do- teach? These professor will definitely try to exercise and condition your mind to work at its full capacity because they believe that’s why you’re in college. These “SUA” professors are intimidating and make you feel like you made a wrong decision but just keep in mind that they are doing what you paid for – teaching you the things you need to succeed in life.
• The In-Betweenies are the professors that aren’t so tough but are soft either. They are the just right professors that people compliment because they are good at what they do. They give assignments that challenge you but not to the point of wanting to rip your hair out. They teach with these same challenging methods but they will spend time to help you advance in the course. These are the professor that are likely to be recommended by other students because they do good jobs; they’re lovable and they actually teach you the needed material – not just teach from the textbook or not go by the textbook at all. With this professor, you won’t be afraid to ask questions in class nor consider them to be a pushover.
These professors are all different but have something in common – they all give their contact information in the syllabus because they know at one point during the semester, you will need help. You can contact them all, even the SUAs because they are there to help you pass if you don’t understand something or just need clarification. So keep in mind, no matter what instructor you get or chose without knowing, don’t be intimidated and ask questions, and don’t push over your professor because they can push your grades.

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