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My name is Katina Darkadakis I reside in Campbell, Ohio and am a Senior majoring Fashion Merchandising with a minor in Marketing at Youngstown State University. I am the Treasurer of the student organization Students in Fashion and Interiors. After graduating I hope to pursue a career in textiles which includes textile research and the development and innovation of new textiles, coatings and fibers. In addition I hope to pursue my masters degree and maybe go as far as to getting my doctorate as well.

My name is Katina Darkadakis I am from Campbell, Ohio a senior studying Fashion Merchandising with a minor in Marketing at Youngstown State University. After graduating I hope to either pursue a career in the field of textile research or pursue graduate school for textiles.
When you are in high school it is almost expected that as an incoming freshman people expect you to automatically know what you want to do for the rest of your life. The choosing of the major is probably one of the most stressful aspects of applying for colleges. The factors that go into picking a major are critical because they tend to ask you such questions of
 Will I be able to get a job with this major?
 What is the median income for jobs from this degree?
 Is this field decreasing?
It is often looked down upon to switch your major; it can often be misconstrued to family, friends and the university you attend. As a college Senior I am happy to say that prior to finding my major I had switched my major three times. Throughout high school and most of my life I had always an undivided love of all things fashion, designers, textiles, designing, sewing and the industry. To me the fashion industry represented a billion dollar industry filled of dreamers, visionaries, and amazing pioneers of the present and the past. To me fashion resonates in so many ways more so then others. Fashion is my emotional outlet. When I am stressed I turn to my sewing machine it is comforting knowing that once I put fabric to the needle and my foot on the peddle that I am in control of whatever happened, even if I was not control of things in my life. My journey began as a freshman when I entered college I started out as a Criminal Justice major with later the hopes of pursuing law school. Coming from a family of law enforcement I had been familiarized with this sector since a young age. After two core criminal justice classes I had come to the recollection that my heart was not in the major. After clear convincing to my dad I switched my major switching to Business Management with the addition of a minor in fashion. I figured if I could not major in it I might as well add a little bit of it to my degree. I would begin my sophomore year as Business Management major with a minor in Fashion. It was that year that I took my first fashion class. The class was Clothing and Image Development for once I had finally felt comfortable to be myself. My business classes looked dull in comparison to my fashion classes. After one semester as a business major I switched my major to fashion. I finally felt comfortable with my decision in switching my major to fashion. My dad would soon come to grips with my decision to switch my major. My business and criminal justice classes were able to count as electives so when I switched my major I did not loose any credits. My whole lesson is switching your major is not the end of the world. For me it was a learning experience that completely has shaped the future professional I intend to be. My advice to any college student whether it would be picking or switching majors the bottom line is pick something you have a passion and heart to work in.

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