Best advice for college students

Bee Hudgins is a writer, singer, actress, part-time Party Princess and full-time Daydreamer. Bee is a Southern Gal from the beautiful, sleepy town of Mineola, TX (Texas Forever!) currently residing in Los Angeles. She graduated with honors in 2011 from the University of Texas at Arlington, after spending a year at Marymount Manhattan College studying musical theatre. Recent accomplishments include: wrapping her first full-length feature film, being named Best Actor at the OC Film Festival, and avoiding LA parking tickets for well over a year now—otherwise known as “living the dream.”

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Growing up is hard to do. And there’s no instruction manual, no rulebook or set guidelines. We’re just a bunch of humans, pretending to know what’s up, hoping that we arrive at some sat-isfactory destination. College is a condensed version of this. In four years (give or take), we ex-perience madness and greatness, despair and joy, exhaustion and elation. Often in the same day. It’s beautiful. But it’s easy for me to say that; I’m on the outside. I went through it, I survived it. I’ve learned that real life is even harder. But I hated it when people told me “You think it’s rough now…just wait.” So I won’t do that. Your existence is very real in this moment, and if it’s rough for you, then it’s rough. However, I do wish that someone had told me to find the hu-mor in the boring class, or the wisdom in the monotonous professor. I wish someone had sug-gested that I soak up every single moment of my college experience, because never again would I have such uninhibited freedom.

One glorious night, my senior year, my roommate Mal and I decided to FINALLY study for our Geology final the next morning. We’d put it off an entire semester. After two hours of procras-tinating in every way possible (Friends re-runs, impromptu songwriting session, ordering of The Pizza), we became legitimate, focused, Geology 101 Pros. Curled up on Mal’s bed, in our col-lege-branded sweats, we memorized facts that we had every intention of forgetting the next day. We went through two bags of Spicy Nacho Doritos, and copious amounts of bottled water. (I’m not lying about the water; we’d taken a Cardio Kickboxing class earlier in the day that had Car-dio-Kicked-Our-Butts. #dehydrated.) We quizzed each other, and googled, and laughed. When the sun came up we made coffee, sat on the back porch and reveled in our new found knowledge…
MAL: “Describe facies* in a sentence.”
BEE: “Gee Mal, why the long facies?”
MAL: “I don’t know, Bee, guess I should put on a happy facies.”

To this day, I cannot remember a single thing from that exam. I don’t recall what either of us scored. We must’ve done alright, because we both graduated that spring Magna Cum Laude. I’m not saying that the class wasn’t necessary, because it definitely was. Knowledge is power, my friend, and seek it you must! But I am saying that the very best thing to come from that class, is the fact that Mal still calls me from across the country and says, “I sure do miss your beautiful facies.”

There are so many specific nuggets of wisdom that I want to share with you, and I can’t wait to do so. But for now, just know this: College is about experiences. And to experience fully is to succeed.

Hang in there!


*Facies (according to the world wide web) is a rock unit that forms under certain conditions of sedimentation. #themoreyouknow

Best advice for college students

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