Freshman year of college

My name is Fabiola Davila. I am currently a senior at DePaul University, majoring in Psychology with a concentration in Human Development. I hope to become a social worker for the city of Chicago, where I was born and raised. I love working with children, that is why I would love to work with DCFS.

The transition from high school to college is not easy. It is a huge milestone in a person’s life. With it comes new responsibilities and a whole new life! Now I know this is a lot to take in, but believe me it is all worth it. Life is just beginning for you, a new world to discover is out there just waiting for you. College is the time of your life when you get to explore and decide who it is that you want to become. You can make mistakes, changes, and most importantly have fun! College comes with lots of ups and downs. You must get used to this new life of yours. Whether it may be because you are living on your own, taking these new and wonderful classes, or learning how to time manage yourself. Whatever it is that you are doing understand that this is building who you are going to become in the future. College will teach you many essential life lessons. As much as you hear this and probably ignore it because it sounds like the same ol’ story your parents have been telling you. I am here to tell you that this is absolutely true! After 4 years of college I can now say that everything I did and was taught throughout my college experience was absolutely amazing! The friendships I’ve made throughout are forever lasting. One of the best lessons I’ve learned throughout my college experience is never procrastinate! Yes, yes, you have all heard it and yet again you keep working on that 10-page paper the night before. Stressful isn’t it? I should know I used to do it all the time! Let me tell you by the second year or first year of college you are extremely tired of it. I got to that point around my second year of college, I had to learn to time manage myself because those sleepless nights really do catch up to you. My second more profound lesson was that it was okay to be confused. You’re first two years of college are a time for discovery. You get to learn what it is that you like or do not like. I recall starting college without a clue of what I wanted to major in, but after my 4 years I could not be more happy with my major. My freshmen year I had an 8 a.m class psychology, (yes, I know brutal!), but it actually turned out to be my favorite class. Who would have thought that an 8 a.m class could be so fun and entertaining. After this class I knew I wanted to major in psychology and more specifically child psychology. I discovered I wanted to learn everything there is to know about children after an internship I took my junior year. I worked at a preschool helping children prepare for kindergarten. It was quite the experience, very fun, exhausting, but extremely rewarding! So as you all can see college really is the time of your life, learning new ideas, exploring new careers, and learning what it is that you want to do and have a passion for. So learn on, study on, and change the world!

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