Why i want to study fashion design

I am Lauren Hirschhorn, a 22, soon to be 23 year old fashion professional. I recently graduated with a degree in Fashion Merchandising from Marist College. During my undergrad years I also minored in Studio Art and Business Administration. Currently I reside in New Jersey with my family and work in New York City as an Assistant Market Analyst. This fancy title really means that I help form relationships between vendors and stores, and help the stores sell product that their customers want.
I have always had a keen eye for upcoming trends and am infatuated with the creativity that the fashion industry revolves around. The creative aspect of fashion was what originally drew me in to the industry in the first place. I have experience in various parts of fashion, due to a long list of internships and volunteer opportunities I have been very blessed to have taken part in. I have worked in many parts of the industry including buying, styling, blogging, design, event planning, fashion show production, and my favorite: startup ventures! There is just something about startup companies that I love. Maybe it is the fact that my life long goal is starting a boutique of my own or the enthusiasm and passion surrounding a new company; but whatever it is, my heart really lies in fashion startups.
When I am not commuting to the city, I am your typical 23 year old. I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, watching movies, reading on my Nook, listening to music, and finding DIY projects on Pinterest. After a 40 hour work week I love nothing more than sitting down with friends and watching a good chick flick. If that makes me cliché, then so be it. One of my passions, other than fashion of course, is working out and staying healthy. College life does a number on your body and despite all those elliptical workouts, those late night pizza runs add up! No more late night pizza for me now though. I am up and at ‘em at 4:30AM every morning for a 45 minute work-out. Then I head to work and start my day answering e-mails, coordinating meetings, preparing trend presentations, organizing samples, and much much more. I know, I sound crazy, and sometimes I even think the same thing; but I would much rather be a little crazy than altogether boring.
The best part about my post-grad life right now is working in the city, no matter how tiring and expensive it can be to commute daily. There are so many amazing things to do, people to meet, and events to attend in NYC and I get to take full advantage of them working there. Just after working for a few short months I already know a great bagel place, eye threading salon, Happy Hour bar, picnic spot, and the list can go on and on.
I never expected to be where I am in my life 5 years ago when I first started college, but I am very happy to say that I am where I am. Each day I am discovering new things about myself and about fashion. The real secret to life is to discover new things each and every day; and truly make the most out of those discoveries.

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