Tips for incoming freshmen

Isaiah Kennedy is a freelance Fashion Blogger and Visual Artist of over 4 years. He is a recently graduated professional Visual Artist with a Bachelors of Fine Art from the University of Wisconsin Stout and an Associates of Art from the University of Wisconsin Fond Du Lac. In his work experience he has collaborated with multiple fashion magazine publications styling photo shoots, layout spreads and designed work on cover issues. He is continuously working on fashion trend research and trend forecasting for up and coming styles, moods and fashion shifts from season to season. Aside from being a full-time stylist, he is also a writer and esteemed artisan of his craft bringing concepts and fresh ideas to the blank pages of the Internet. He is both a writer and an advice columnist for the curious and the knowledge seekers always bringing the reader what they need.

When it comes to college there are a few important things you must take under consideration. The first is your spending habits, mainly the spending to saving ratio; one of the top assets you must be highly aware of. Your spending in college is essential to how successful and smooth your college years will go. While in college spending is easy to do; things come up; parties happen; emergency expenses occur, but the one thing that you always have to keep in mind is to save, save, save. One cannot stress that enough because side expenses can happen at any given moment, cars break down, school supplies increase and side funds need to be replenished. While college can be fun, adventurous and life changing you must make your saving a priority as well. One tip I found to be the most successful is setting up a savings account on the side so, whenever you get paid half of your earnings transfer into that account automatically, not only saving you time but money as well. Also, establishing a budget for yourself each month will keep you aware of your spending and also teach you a tool post-graduation. By managing your money wisely your stress levels will be much lower and will help you focus more on enjoying your newfound college experience and giving you a peace of mind.
The next two are your time management and multitasking skills. Each play an essential role in your college experience; each giving you a new obstacle to overcome as well as better grasp on your journey in college. This is where your time management and multitasking skills come into play. Yes, we all want to do as much as we can and take on as many organizations or extra-circular activities as possible there is only one you and only 24 hours in a day, 8 of which is spent for rest. One tip that I found to be extremely help is to get a planner and write done first your major obligations such as class and work. Then, set aside time slots for doing homework and studying. This will give you a general rundown of how your weeks look and will give you a better grasp for where those extra-circulars can be added. Once you have created a planner the rest is simple because your week is already set up and you will know what you have to do and when to get it done by plus it helps boost your memory as well when you write things down. The last tip I have to offer is to make sure you set aside time for yourself, it’s nothing like a quiet get away to help you unwind from college life.
College is not meant to be a scary or stressful while your there. Its about gaining new experiences, meeting new people, connecting with young professionals through different organizations and building a network of friends you will have for a lifetime.

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