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My name is Tiffany Howard and a graduate from Oklahoma City University in 2012. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communication. As of now I am working at a restaurant group as the accounting and payroll specialist. I love my job and being independent in Oklahoma City. I am have future plans in becoming a corporate lawyer in 2018/2019.

Fall semester under your belt and you decided what classes will peak your interest and the courses to get you one step closer to graduation. At your university you are learning to become who you were set to be. Which everyone is set to be great. Everyone in life is set to be smart, beautiful, philanthropist and the best person you are supposed to be. I can tell you that when I was in school I wish I had all the right advice, direction and great grades. College is something you set for yourself; the pace you want to achieve everything is college. You are supposed to mess up because those are the great lessons you learn from. You aren’t meant to be perfect, you are meant to be YOU. The best advice someone gave my freshman year 5 years ago is, “Try new things, figure out whom you want to become not what others want you to become.”
Life is so short to please others and to live with regret. You are set to be great at your trade, whether it is a doctor, businessperson, or a social worker. College is where you join clubs, play intermural, join a sorority/fraternity and learn how to network. Social skills are one of the many things you need to inherit when you graduate.
I’m not telling you to forget about school work and become a social butterfly. I am saying you can be the outgoing biology major that studies 30 hours plus on your school work while looking at the MCAT, but still have time with friends or a club. College is about becoming the best you, your parents helped the foundation of you and now it’s your turn to become what your parents think of you. Great.
Being great is how you define it. My great is pushing boundaries learning new things, not becoming complacent. Learning never stops. You learn the foundations of your degree in college, and then in your internships you gain life experiences for your dream job.
As for working in college, employers enjoy dedication to schooling but also like to see what other experiences you might have had, so looking for a summer job or even an internship is definitely should be on your priority list when you become a sophomore, apply in the spring for summer. Jobs love a great work ethic and working internships and or a summer job is something they look for. Always keep the same job in college, try not to skip around because that shows the employer that you get bored or something happens and you leave, you don’t want to set yourself up to failure before starting. Strive to get those internships in the field you see yourself working in, it’s better to learn if you love it or need to change your major.
If you want to become an editor for a magazine, email locate magazine firms and email them saying you would love to internship for free and learn the ropes, you always want to give your services for free, they are more willing to show you the ropes along with teach you anything, so that you can do it for them. If you want to become a doctor, work as a candy strip, volunteer for a children’s hospital, employers love interest in the field.
Love college, find out who you want to become study hard and learn from every mistake.

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