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Stephanie Marie Delgado graduated from The University of New Mexico in 2011 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Media Arts & Philosophy. She actively films, writes, and markets- in New York City & NM.

Stephanie has collaborated and worked on many motion pictures in a variety of positions: Actress, Associate Producer, Assistant Prop Master, Additional Sound Mixer, Cable Person, Costume Assistant, Set Decoration Assistant, Accounting Clerk, Assistant to the Executive Producers and Director, Stand-In, Casting Assistant, etc. Stephanie is now focused on writing and raising money for the arts and political advocacy in NYC & NM in order to learn and take her skills to the next level as a Writer/ Producer.

In 2014, she is currently collaborating on an undisclosed TV series project.

She attended the Screenwriter’s Conference & Workshop in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2011. Stephanie is a professional at fresh article content writing, proofreading, editing, fiction and non- fiction stories, ebooks, speeches, proposals, grants, ad writing, poetry, film scripts, social media, sales, concepts, and marketing copy.

Stephanie is a writer, and was born to write. She was born as an Army Force ‘brat’ at Fort Riley Army Base in Fort Riley, KS. She was raised in Fairbanks Alaska, Las Vegas, NV, and in Albuquerque, NM. Her first poem was published at age 6, titled ‘Snow’.

Her commercial writings credits include: HQ Publications, Sage Point Marketing, Pearson-International School Market Research Analysis, Pain Magazine,, Grand Signature Engineering, & The International Library of Poetry, for which she was given an Editor’s Choice Award.

Currently Miss Delgado has two full-length feature film screenplays. Both are copyrighted and registered with the Writer’s Guild: ‘Black Dream Revelation’ & ‘Magic in the Wind’. Stephanie is collaborating on another script for 2015: Titled Izzy III.

She has traveled extensively throughout North America spending time in Seattle, WA, Portland, OR, Los Angeles, San Diego, CA, Santa Fe, NM, New York City, Washington DC, Colorado, Palm Beach, FL, Tucson, AZ, Martha’s Vineyard, MA, in Mexico, and on the island of Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands. Stephanie intends to use her US Passport to travel and explore the world: The Amazon, Spain, France, England, Tahiti, Fiji, and China are high on her agenda.


Traveling can equal mundane lines, lots of people, and annoying yet necessary security. Traveling can also be looked at as a journey to be had! Meeting new people and having experiences is the way to gain wisdom. No matter how you travel, the main point is to help you identify ways to be frugal while traveling. Let me tell you, if you look for the right things, you can and will find another route that will save you. I travel a lot and I am in fact on a budget.

Quality Minus Twenty- Five

Investing in a quality luggage piece can be a vital first step when it comes to traveling smart. It is usually a good idea to invest in one suitcase and one backpack. Make sure they are both compacted, yet make sure they are also spacious. Always pay attention to the material used. Buying quality over quantity is the best bet, so you don’t have a luggage rip on you in mid- travel, and it then becomes a day that is ruined. This will help anyone save an extra twenty- five- dollars that airlines charge passengers additionally to check one bag. Every passenger is allowed two carry on bags and if you have the appropriate type of quality and compacted bags you can fit everything you need and will not have to pay the fee. Also you will not have to worry about your bag breaking because you shopped smart and for quality. So say goodbye to twenty-five dollar fees here and there.

Pack Snacks

Airports have tremendous pricing when it comes to drinks and snacks. Also they stop you at security and make you throw out all liquids. So do yourself a favor and carry an empty water bottle and pack some nuts and or dry fruit, or some kind of snack that is sealed. If you do this you could end up saving yourself around forty bucks to and from. Avoid buying alcohol at the airport, as it is too pricey for no good reason. After all, don’t pay to poison your body. Eat a meal before you get on a plane and after. But if you’re really flying for a long time, you’ll have to stop at a restaurant, there’s no avoiding that.

Taking an Airplane Requires Us to get There
Make sure you arrange your travel accommodations to get to the airport appropriately. If you take time to plan this step you could in fact save a tremendous amount. Think about this scenario, you live in New Jersey, so you want to fly out of the La Guardia airport in New York to save in the first place. Well, you’re better off not taking a taxi or asking a friend to drive you. Gas and tolls can cost nearly almost sixty dollars one way! A taxi? Forget it, it’s between seventy and ninety flat rate, depends on what driver you get. It’s best to take the train and a subway, this way you’ll spend under twenty dollars to and from! Always think about which small and big ways you can save and your bank will continue to add.
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