AIR FORCE: Crew Chief


There are only two names on every Air Force Jet Fighter.  The names are the pilot’s and then the person who makes sure the plane is ready to fly at a moment’s notice. This person is the Crew Chief.  This position requires a person be a maintenance specialist.

Exacting standards are required to maintain an aircraft from tip to tail. It is a position of extreme responsibility. Obviously the safety of the pilot and the plane’s integrity rely ultimately on the crew chief.  You can join this team to ensure successful air performance.   The crew chief works with a team of professionals but ultimately the buck stops with him alone.

This area could be for you if in the past you have shown an interest in electronics or computer science.  Also it you’ve been an aircraft nut that helps.  Engineering and physics are components of this position and any interest in this area offers a good hint toward this aptitude. And then if you’ve ever preformed maintenance and repair on your own cars or computers that is an additional good sign.

For this area, after you get through basic training, your career will move into technical training on the aircraft and of course aircraft maintenance. This training is held at Shepherd Air Force Base in Texas.

You will be conducting routine inspections and checks of systems.  Before any flight, you again will inspect the plane and perform functional checks.  After every flight you will go through these checks again to make sure the plane is safe to fly.

Checking and re-checking, approving all aircraft, safe to fly.


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