AIR FORCE: Humanitarian


If you join the Air Force you will be called upon to do many feats.  Not all of these duties will be in warfare. The resources of the Air Force are also used to help mankind in humanitarian crisis.  The Air Force supplies aid to those in need.

During disasters sometimes the quickest and only way to get supplies in is to drop them by plane. This takes precise air delivery and the Air Force is trained in this maneuver. They can release heavy cargo from 30,000 feet up.  Landing the goods on an exact spot takes precision. Even in emergencies not related to America, the US Air Force is usually the first ones supplying aid …because they can.

In disasters one of the first things to go is communication.  Being able to relay information is critical at these times.  First responders need to be able to talk to each other when diagnosing the scene. The Air Force can establish communications systems in 24 hours. That’s efficient.

Search and rescue is often needed in disasters.  The Air Force is efficiently skilled at search because they have the advantage of the air and being able to cover many acres all at once. Trained in convention and unconventional rescue the Air Force has a team set up.  They seek to stabilize an environment by using pilots, specialists, para-rescue men and communications technicians.

Fighting fires is also a skill the Air Force performs.  Again with the ability of the air, they can diagnosis the landscape quickly.  And they can drop water where needed and help in the direction of forces.

The Air Force is used in warfare but also in the aid of humankind.


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