AIR FORCE: Thunderbirds

Have you heard of the Thunderbirds? They are the demonstration squadron of the US Air Force. Their purpose, of sorts, is to promote the skills, abilities and precision of America’s air power. One of the reasons for this promotional operation is of course to acquire more enlistees.
Take a look at one of their air shows and see if it influences you. Officially they are called the USAF Air Demonstration Squadron. Based out of Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada, the Thunderbirds fly together, yet stand alone in their skills.
Not only do they perform in the US but also all over the world. The name rightly comes from North American Indians. A Thunderbird is the legendary creature that appears in their mythology.
Besides watching the airshow, if you join the Air Force you could get an assignment with the squadron. Officers serve two years and enlisted serve up to four years with this special air crew.
The Thunderbirds have flown in front of more than 300 million people. The squad never performs more than 88 shows a year so replacements are constantly being trained. It takes nearly 6 months to train so as one crew is prepping to come in another prepares to exit.
Make no mistake, the pilots and the crews are all real Air Force personnel and can be sent into combat at a moment’s notice. They are prepared to rapidly integrate into a fully operational fighting squadron.
The Thunderbirds pay tribute to all the hard working Airmen who serve America and defend freedom. They demonstrate pride, dedication and professionalism to the millions of fans that watch them each year.

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