All Hail the Skin Brush

I have a very detailed skin regime. I wash, exfoliate, tone, apply eye cream, wrinkle serum, and nighttime cream. I just got tired thinking about it. The other day I meant a friend for brunch and her skin was glowing. I complimented her on it and she said that she stopped using all of her fancy skin care products and was just using a drugstore brand electronic skin brunch and an all-natural face cleanser. Her skin looked visibly cleaner and smoother. She couldn’t stop raving about how much she was in love with her new miracle toy (her words, not mine). After leaving brunch, I immediately went and picked one up for myself. Ladies, it really is that amazing! Instantly my skin looked brighter and felt more clean. What I really love is how much easier it is to apply my makeup too. It goes on much more smoothly. I have notice much less blackheads on my nose and the little bumps that I always had on my chin have disappeared. Now that I am hooked, I want to upgrade to the fancier version and see what kind of results I get. I may have to wait until my birthday when I can ask for one as a present, but in the meantime, the $30 on the lower end brush was definitely a great investment. My one piece of advice is to make sure to replace the brush frequently or else bacteria and dirt can build-up.

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