All Things Media


If you are going to jump head first into a Public Relations career we can hope that you are interested in all things media.  This broad area called ‘media’ embraces a wide gamut that has every pretense of getting larger. If you are the type that is excited about new platform releases Public Relations may be for you.


The word media itself conjures up a varied and ample supply of resources.

Maybe the pejorative word here should be interest.  We know there are many kinds of media but how keen is your interest. A Public Relations career demands an intensity; this feeling of wanting to learn more about media than one knew before.  PR specialists should have a desire to be involved in something bigger than the company.


A good PR professional pays attention to the marketplace and sees what attracts their attention.  But going further, this professional need pay attention to what attracts others.  Then one needs to dissect that attraction and see what caused it.  This is done in the duty of replicating similar strategy in one’s own campaigns.


What makes a person pay attention to a 30 second commercial?  What makes you stop and read a billboard traveling 70 mph down the road?   What makes you turn a book over to read the jacket?  Or to open the cover and reading the first line?  All these questions should be ask and answer for a PR professional.


If one has already developed a hobby in media this can be a strong indicator for continued pursuit.  If one pays attention to social media and ads and news events and the coming together of ideas, these persons should explore becoming a Public Relations pro.

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