All Varsity and No Blues: Finding the Right Campus Sports

Did you play a sport in high school and would like to continue? Or is there something you’ve always wanted to try? Maybe you’re just looking for a way to blow off steam and meet some new people in the process. If any of the above applies, joining a campus sport might be for you.

For people with a competitive spirit and previous sports experience, a varsity team might just be where you belong. These are the more serious leagues that play against other schools and the competition can be intense. A lot of people on varsity teams are there on scholarship to play so the competition just to get on the team is very tough. Even if you are already an elite athlete, be sure to spend your summer before college training and practicing to ensure you’re able to get a spot on the team.

If you love sports but want to make sure the hobby doesn’t get in the way of your academic work, you may be interested in an intramural league. The term intramural literally means between the walls, as your team will compete against others in the same school. As you are playing with your fellow college students, the stakes aren’t quite as high but the competition can still be pretty serious. If you’re not great at the sport, you will need to spend a little extra time in practice to make sure you don’t let down the other team members.

Many students just want to play sports as a way to stay in shape that’s a little more fun than going to the gym. Recreational leagues, or as they are better known as, rec leagues, fill in this purpose. There is little to no expectation of sports proficiency as most people on the team are just looking to have fun. There is usually a pretty friendly atmosphere between the teams as well.

Sports can be an excellent part of the college experience. They combine skills, exercise, teamwork and socialization all in one. No matter what your athletic level is, you can find a sport on campus that is right for you.

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