Always Tired

When your friends ask how you are, is your response usually “tired”? That’s what mine always seemed to be. I got my work done, I paid attention in class, I didn’t feel too tired while with my friends, and yet when I look back I was in a constant state of fatigue. I got a good night’s sleep (or so I thought) and usually woke up before my alarm, but was still always tired.
One of the main problems for college students is the lack of quality sleep. You think you get 7-8 hours, but was it a really good night’s sleep? Often, for me, it was more like 5-6 hours as my mind was running before bed, going over the day and the things I’d have to do the next day. Or, I would just end up going to bed late and have to get up early, so even if I feel asleep right away I could only get 6-7 hours.
To remedy this, you need to start sleeping better. Try to go to bed 15 minutes earlier each night until you’re used to sleeping 7-8 hours. This means cutting down wasted time during the day and being less of a procrastinator—I know, it’s hard. But it’s possible. And you’ll thank yourself for it when you graduate and get your first real job. You need to stop procrastinating sometime, after all!
Eating has a huge impact on how tired you feel as well. College students are notorious for two things (mainly): not sleeping and eating poorly. Your body needs certain vitamins and minerals every day to keep your energy high. Make sure that you are eating regularly to keep your energy up, and that you’re choosing quality foods. Carbohydrates are delicious but their energy impact runs out quickly, so with each meal make sure you eat some slower burning fats and protein to help keep you going. Fruits, veggies, and whole grains are important too and not just for health—they provide the nutrients your body needs, which will keep you from being hungry and tired all day.
Stress is the third big cause of fatigue, and college is a serious stressor. Between classes, extracurricular activities, making time for friends, and even making time for yourself all adds stress. We make lists to try and make it easier, but there is so much on our plates that we get overwhelmed even after breaking down the day. You need to make making time for yourself a bigger priority and use that time to relieve stress. You can’t make friends, coursework, and the threat of graduation go away, but you can do things to make it all less stressful. And with less stress comes a better night’s sleep!
So, get into the habit of sleeping longer more regularly, eating better, and relieving stress and you’ll soon change your answer to ‘how are you’ from ‘tired’ to ‘great!’

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