Am I chasing a rabbit or Am I in a limbo state?

I have been told (and kids are being told today) that to be successful in the society, you need to get an education. While in the process of getting that education, I have been told (and kids will be told) that unless you graduate in the top of your class, you are doomed because companies are only looking for graduates with a high GPA. After working hard and getting that first degree, I am told (and kids will be told) once again that because of academic inflation, an Associate or a Bachelor’s degree is not sufficient anymore to obtain that lucrative position that you are seeking. You go back to the drawing board and work on a graduate degree. At this point, most people would say that you are pretty set. However, because of that same academic inflation I am told (and some kids will be told) that since it is hard to come back to school once you stop, it is safer to just work toward obtaining a terminal degree which for most academic disciplines is a PhD.
I followed all those advice and went ahead to obtain a Bachelor’s degree (GPA: 3.73), a Master’s degree (GPA: 4.00), a PhD (GPA: 4.00) all in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields, which according to experts are fields in the US that lack students and even teachers.
As a STEM graduate, this is a simple equation isn’t it? With the background that I have, and the fact that there is a lack of STEM graduates, shouldn’t I be able to finally and easily get that lucrative position that I have been seeking all along?
Well, let me tell you that unfortunately, this is not the case. Apparently, some other variables have not been taken into consideration in that equation.
In fact, I obtained my PhD eleven months ago. This means that I have been looking for that lucrative opportunity for more than two years now since once more it is advised to start looking for a job before you graduate. During this time period, I have de novo followed all the advice that were provided to me. I went to the Career Center at my University, worked with a Career Advisor on my resume, printed it on quality papers, had business cards made, bought couple suits and ties, attended multiple workshops, attended all the career fairs that I could possibly attend, apply to thousands of positions, send my resume to friends for referral, talked and worked with multiple recruiters, attended several interviews and that lucrative job is still unattainable.
To top it off, I am either being told that I am overqualified or that I do not have the required industrial experience. The question that comes to mind with the latter is how to get that experience if I am not hired in the first place?
Knowing that this equation does have a solution and refusing to chase a rabbit or to be in a limbo state, as a myrmidon, I am back to following more advice on how to get that lucrative job.

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