An Evolution of Style…

Brielle Anderson Kriegstein is a website merchandiser for a luxury retailer headquartered in Manhattan. Her primary categories of business include women’s ready-to-wear and beauty. In addition to her experience in e-commerce, Brielle has a background in finance and marketing. She earned her B.Sc. degree with honors in Management and Business from Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York. When she is not browsing various e-commerce and editorial sites, she enjoys yoga, cooking and traveling everywhere.

When it comes to getting dressed, going shopping, and building your own personal style, you either love it or you don’t. Since I am writing this and work in the fashion industry, I think you can guess which side of the fence I fall on. This love of all things style is something that has been with me from as early as I can remember. As a child I would insist on wardrobe changes throughout the day, especially for any occasion that involved dining out. And by dining out, it could be a formal restaurant with the family or more often than not, it was something closer to a happy meal. Regardless, my precociously stylish self felt it was important to be presentable. In addition to making sure I regularly looked the part, I would dress my younger sister for these outings as well. She was always eager to let me style her, but never quite interested in doing this herself. Fast-forward and this is a pattern of behavior that has carried on to this day.

The youthful approach I would take to styling my sister would be to assess my outfit and then try to replicate my look on her with something very similar. Whether it was colorful overalls or girly, party dresses with matching white gloves and patent-leather shoes, we were a chic little duo. Looking back at old photo albums, there are so many instances where you can find our impressive clothing-coordination on full display. Something my younger self did not understand or appreciate at the time was how different our styles actually were. I had assumed if I looked good and felt confident in a certain ensemble, anyone else wearing the same outfit would simply share in my sentiment. While I continue to shop for and style my sister and others now, I always make it a point to put the individual person in the foreground of my mind, rather than giving consideration towards what I would like to wear. It is imperative to consider a variety of factors such as lifestyle, geography, age, body, budget, etc. and use this information to construct something she will be excited to wear.

Now that I have turned my life-long love of style into a career, I keep this person-centric attitude in mind as I curate assortments online for a variety of customers. While there are always going to be hot new trends and “must-have” designers, it is never really about a specific look or outfit. What’s important is the person who is wearing the clothing. Whether you like shopping on not, it is always a better feeling getting dressed in the morning and walking out the door feeling like the real and most confident version of yourself is coming through. This is true style no matter what the outfit may be.

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