College study abroad tips

Name: Muyuan Zhou
Birthday: 1992/04/15
Country: China
School: University of South Florida (Junior)
Live: Tampa, FL
Hobby: photography, movies, fashionable, love lego

First of all, I am an international student and I study in university of south Florida. There is a nice weather here, and very special is there is not have winter. This means I can wear skirts everyday. The first thing I need to overcome is the language, I came from China and we do learn English in our country. However, it is still difficult for me to live and study in another country. Especially for the academic works and the customs of American college. For example, American college is really need self-study and you cannot rely on teacher. Another different thing is the group working, which is interesting and useful that you can learn many other perspectives about topics. To overcome this language issue, the better choice is there are many tutors are going to help you about your academic writing and there is international office can help you adapting new life.
Another thing I need to adapt is the customs of American, which is easily to communicate with locals. For example, many Americans like speaking slangs. Also they have their social norms that different to us, such as students are very active in the subjects, and I think this is very good that pretend active mind on the course. This is easily to follow with your professor. Because once you distract, even if only one second, you could miss the important point that will leads you lose points on the test. So my suggestion would be make your brains in high nervous to follow what your teacher said.
The most important thing is experiencing lonely life. This short life will affect the future life, when you remember this time that you are learning living independent. For example, I learned how to cook meal for myself, I learned communicate with the house leasing office, and I learned how to buy a car through rebate the price. The most important is I studied how to living by myself. This period of time may be only a very short part of my whole life, but it will become the most impressive life in whole life. All in all, when the life push you to go, you must go further than normal life.
The most difficult to overcome is “homesick”. Everyone will have home sick, especially when mixed with culture shock. Even to the American students, they also will have home sick in the college, in my personal thought. But it is better to resolve by recognize new friends here, such as attend party or study group, depends on your interests. It is the quickest way to fit in this new environment and also can have many new friends to fulfill your life. Basically this is my experience in study oversea.

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