Pallavi Ruhail is a doctor by degree and an epidemiologist by profession. She’s currently working in a top pharmaceutical company as an health economics analyst. However, she always had a thing for fashion and a knack for writing and so she started her own personal/lifestyle blog last year.
Since then she has collaborated with many reputed fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands and has been featured on various national and international platforms for her personal style.
She also freelances as a fashion writer and likes to travel, paint and cook.
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Contrary to popular belief, campus fashion is not exactly a cake walk.
While you have to stay updated and well versed with what’s in vogue, not just because of your peers but also to keep yourself pleased, you also need to be practical about the comfort quotient of what you wear. Further, besides just being bang-on with the current trends, the outfit also needs to be affordable; not everyone can buy Valentino for shoes after all !
While it’s undeniable that many girls in college do resort to a rather tomboyish look, however the fact that even being a tomboy in terms of how you dress, is also a trend in itself; androgyny.
‘Androgyny’ has the perfect ingredients for an easy-going, practical and affordable look much required to be worn on during day to day basis during anyone’s college life.
But what is Androgyny and how do we incorporate the style in our wardrobe ?
Androgyny is a combination feminine and masculine trait while androgynous fashion is all about balancing the feminine and masculine elements for clothing.
Adding masculine hints to personal style isn’t something new today for women and is pretty popular all around the globe; look at Alexa Chung, being the poster girl for androgynous dressing. I also love how Mira Duma embraces androgynous style on/off and needless to say, impeccably.
Some see it as a way of dressing (read being tomboyish) and just a personal choice for style, while some rather connote it to power dressing, liberation of women, being equal to men and so dressing up like them. Whatever the reason be as to why women adopt this particular style, it is definitely becoming more popular with each passing year.
I personally see it as comfort-friendly style and like to give my dresses a break for pleated pants once in a while or even switch my heels with ankle boots/ brogues for a relaxed outing.
What to wear for androgynous style without going overboard with it:
1) Oxford shoes/ Brogues: More like a must have for an androgynous style lover. Wear these with your skinny jeans, dresses, skirts, shorts.
2) A Boyfriend Blazer: A blazer is a perfect way of earning some androgynous style points. Opt for coloured ones for a fun look.
3) Boyfriend Denims: Style these with crop tops, tanks, and shirts anything. You can wear brogues, heels, sneakers anything, whatever works for your personal style.
4) Oxford Shirts: Team them with midi skirts, cute shorts or fitted pants.
5) Feel free to add bow-ties to your outfit, don’t shy away from wearing pant-suits (with heels preferably) or shorts-suit (with brogues maybe), even culottes work.
6) Pleated/Slouchy Pants: Wear these with crop tops, camisoles, tanks and some nice heels.

Basic dos and don’ts:
1) Keep it minimal, don’t clutter the look, and keep it simple, sleek and neat.
2) Don’t be shabby, there’s a thin line b/w doing the ‘little over-sized boyfriend look’ and the ‘bit too over-sized and shabby look’, don’t cross it.
3) Don’t over-accessorize it, that’ll just kill the look.
4) Keep the make-up simple, either a nice lip colour or a hint of smokey eyes/ just kohl, refrain from doing all of it. Too much make-up isn’t androgynous exactly.
5) The idea is to balance the masculine and feminine elements, don’t let one overshadow the other but complement each other.

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