Another Career for those with an Accounting/Bookkeeping Degree

An Accounting Degree can open many doors for you in the world of employment. Another position to consider is that of a Cost Estimator. This is another specialized position that pays pretty well, compared to other professions. The median salary for a Cost Estimator is $59K per year.
What Education Will You Need for this Position?
An entry level position as a Cost Estimator will require a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting/Bookkeeping. As with other higher paying specialized positions, certain degree of expertise is required to perform effectively. A four year degree contains many courses that will teach you about many of the different types of positions in this business world. Your degree of education will express you amount of knowledge and be rewarded with higher pay. If you have your degree plus some experience, you will be able to demand higher wages. You will be very valuable to an organization.
What does a Cost Estimator do?
The duties for a Cost Estimator are pretty much spelled out in the title of the position. They estimate costs! Specifically, they analyze the data regarding how much it will cost for their employers to perform a service or manufacture a product. The Cost Estimators will usually be specialists for a specific industry.
They will analyze the amount of time, labor, and materials that it requires to do the job or create a product. Almost every manufacturing industry has an Estimator for their products or for the services they provide. For instance, in the printing industry, the estimator will look at the cost of the material (paper or film), the ink to print it, the art to determine what will be printed, the cost of the press to run the job, how many hours will be needed to set up the press, to run the press to print the quantity of copies, the time to clean up and tear down the press. Then he will look at how much time will be involved with inspecting the printed product, packaging the product, and shipping the product to the customer.
What Are the Responsibilities of this Position?
Businesses usually have a software package to calculate all of these costs, but the Cost Estimator will be doing all of the inputting of information in the program. This position requires a strong attention to detail because the estimate of the cost to produce the product is responsible for the profits the company makes. So this is a position that has many responsibilities. That is why it is a higher salaried position, but it is full of challenges and rewards.

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